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Double Bollinger Bands Strategy

This indicator is adding two sets of Bollinger Bands. 

The "Double Bollinger Bands" trading strategy can help the trader find out and validate trend-based opportunities in especially volatile market conditions, explains Kathy Lien. 

More information, please get more explained by Kathy Lien in her Youtube. 

Double Bollinger Bands is one of the best method of following a trend.


  • Bands Period: 20
  • Bands Deviations 1: // Bollinger Bands as BB1
  • Bands Deviations 2: // Bollinger Bands as BB2
  • PipGAP: //X number of pip. Alert if current high(low) price is over current upper/lower band.
  • Bollinger Bands Alert: //by All BB or BB1 or BB2
  • Telegram channel: input your channel
  • Telegram bot token: your bot token

Sent signal alert to: Popup/Phone/Email/Telegram(*)

For security reasons, any DLL calls are prohibited in the program by MQL5, so this version can't sent the signal to Telegram.

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