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Trend Monitor

The indicator generates early signals basing on ADX reading data combined with elements of price patterns.

Works on all symbols and timeframes.

The indicator does not redraw its signals. You see the same things on history and in real time.

For better visual perception signals are displayed as arrows (in order not to overload the chart).


  1. The best results are obtained when the indicator works on two timeframes. For example: M30 – the indicator shows the main trend; M5 – the indicator generates signals of entry in trend direction determined on M30.
  2. It is recommended to use the indicator during session movements to reduce the likelihood of falling into flat.
  3. Easy to use. Filter configuration only requires selection of sensitivity in the "Sensitivity of the indicator" input.
  4. The signal is given not only when the bar is closed (formed signal), but also on the current bar which is not closed yet (probable signal) - the "Enable the possible signal (on the current bar)" parameter.
  5. The indicator sends emails and push notifications to mobile devices.


----- Parameters ----- (The basic indicator parameters)

  • Sensitivity of the indicator. Can have the following values:
    • High sensitivity (more signals) - good for higher timeframes (H4, D1 and higher).
    • Medium sensitivity (optimal signals) - best parameters for M5-H1.
    • Low sensitivity (accurate signals) - for M1, M5.
  • Enable the possible signal (on the current bar) - enable/disable signal on the current incomplete bar (probability signal).
  • Use signal filter by Moving Average - filter signals using the Moving Average (Disable - no filter, Enable - use filter, Enable and Show filter - use filter and display the MA).
  • Period of Moving Average - the period of the Moving Average used as a filter.
  • The averaging Method - the averaging method of the Moving Average used as a filter.

----- Direction of the trend (an arrow in upper right corner) ----- (Color settings of trend direction)

  • ON/OFF-Draw the arrow of the trend - show/hide a trend arrow in the upper right corner.
  • Color of Up-trend - the color of the signal arrow for the bullish trend.
  • Color of Down-trend - the color of the signal arrow for the bearish trend.

----- Messages/Sounds ----- (Notifications and sound settings)

  • ON/OFF - Sound when the signal - enable/disable sound alert
  • File name of sound (signal is already generated) - name of the sound file played on already formed signal (close bar)
  • File name of sound (possible signal) - name of the sound file played on probable signal (current bar)
  • ON/OFF - Alert - enable/disable in the terminal when signals emerge.
  • ON/OFF - Mail - sending emails.
  • ON/OFF - Push - sending push notifications to mobile devices.

----- Misc ----- (Other settings)

  • Language – language of messages (English or Russian).

You can test the indicator's demo version here.

MR.E 2019.02.26 23:35 

Not worth the money.

Shumin Huang
Shumin Huang 2018.01.12 04:13 

I have an idea that whether this index can show the trend of big cycle in short period, for example, if the hour arrow is downward, then I will filter up arrow tips in the fifteen minute chart.

Ilya Krasheninnikov
Ilya Krasheninnikov 2017.10.11 14:26 

Отличный индикатор!

chris81600 2017.05.27 17:16 

Completely useless

The indicator changes direction when the price breaks the M.A. 120

This works 1 time out of 10

fabbry72 2016.11.22 23:24 

Good indicator,

please add multitimeframe arrow signal (the next two above) in one of four corner to choose of the chart


M1 -- M5+M15

M5 -- M15+H1

M15 -- H1+H4

H1 -- H4+D1

H4 -- D1+W1

D1 -- W1+MN

Thanks good job

Vyacheslav Strokin
Vyacheslav Strokin 2016.06.28 14:40 

Всем привет! Отличный индикатор прост в использовании, сигналы не перерисовывает. Тестировал демо версию на фунте очень четкие хорошие входы, сейчас прикупил полную версию буду смотреть на остальных парах. Павлу огромное спасибо за такой индикатор рад такой находке!

Version 1.6 2017.03.22
1. Added alerts about a change of the trend when the price crossed the filter MA (with sending push notifications and email messages)
2. Adaptation to the new version of the terminal
Version 1.4 2015.11.03
1. Added a Moving Average based filter.
Indicator parameters responsible for filtering:
"Use signal filter by Moving Average" - enable filtering of signals (possible values: "Disable filter" - no filter is used; "Enable filter" - signals are filtered using MA; "Enable and Show filter" - signals are filtered using MA and shown on the chart).
"Period of Moving Average" - indicator parameter.
"The averaging Method" - indicator parameter.

2. In the signal filtering mode, the direction of allowed signals is shown as an arrow in the upper right corner.
Signal direction display options:
"ON/OFF - Draw the arrow of the trend" – show/hide
"Color of Up-trend" – the color of the arrow if the price is above MA
"Color of Down-trend" – arrow color if the price is below MA
Version 1.3 2015.10.19
1. New parameter "Enable the possible signal (on the current bar)". It disabled a potential (probable) signal on the current incomplete bar. In this mode, the indicator produces a signal only on a closed bar.
2. When a signal occurs, the time of the signal bar is now added into a message.
3. Indicator's Shortname now correctly displays the sensitivity.
Version 1.2 2015.05.29
Added some further improvements. According to your feedback, the indicator still remained too sensitive leading to false opposite signals on good trends during small rollbacks.
All filters have been considerably revised. Besides, the entire range of the filter settings has now been reduced to a single parameter - sensitivity.
"High sensitivity" - signals are similar to the previous version by their frequency. Recommended for higher TFs (M30-D1).
"Medium sensitivity" - the filter parameters most efficient for TFs M5-M15.
"Low sensitivity" - for M1.
Version 1.1 2015.05.20
The new version features the candle size filter.
The idea is that trend reversals usually occur during strong movements when big candles are formed. Small candles mostly indicate the flat market.
The filter effect can be clearly seen during the night flat.
The filter is enabled by the 'Enable Candle Size Filter' parameter and configured by the 'Candle Size Ratio' parameter. The recommended values are from 0.6 to 1 (the greater the ratio, the lesser the amount of signals).