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The Sextet

The Sextet is an MT4 indicator that displays 6 levels of Moving Averages, where the second is the moving average of the first, the third of the second, and so on. It gives a signal when all the moving average levels align in order.

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Key Features:

  • Is a Moving Average of a Moving Average, and is therefore very resilient to fake-outs.
  • Has 6 Levels of Moving Averages.
  • Choose Different Periods and Different Averaging Methods for every MA.
  • Sends Alerts and Push Notifications when there's a signal.


First MA Period: Choose the Period of the first moving average(MA).
First MA Method: Averaging Method used for the 1st MA (Simple, Exponential, etc.)
Second MA Period: Choose the Period of the second MA, which is an MA of the first MA.
Second MA Method:
Third MA Period... etc.

GetAlerts: true/false. If set to true you will receive Alerts on Mt4 when there's a buy/sell signal.
PushNotifications: true/false. If set to true you will receive Push Notifications on your phone when there's a buy/sell signal.(positive/negative).

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philippe germain
philippe germain 2019.07.18 15:12 

No good indicator.

hnajem 2019.06.26 11:13 

great product. thanks

jeff0170 2019.06.05 19:15 

For the free indicator, there are 5 stars. I will update when I get first results.

sunnychow 2019.06.05 18:05 

thanks for shares