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Santa Scalping

Santa Scalping is a fully automated Expert Advisor with no use of martingale. Night scalping strategy. The SMA indicator filter are used for entries.

This EA can be run from very small accounts. As small as 50 EUR.

General Recommendations

The minimum deposit is 50 USD,  default settings reccomend for eurusd m5 gmt +2. Please use max spread 10 if you will not have orders change it to -1. Use a broker with good execution and with a spread of 2-5 points. A very fast VPS is required, preferably with a latency of no more than 3.
NOTE: I also recommend to take out profit on a regular basis. That is once a week/month. Becauser there will be DD.

This EA works best at an 1:500 leverage account with small spread and microlots 0.01.
I recomend http://www.icmarkets.com/?camp=28024

You can follow the performance of the EA here

Default parameters are dedicated for EURUSD symbol at M5 time frame.

Input parameters

  • Fixed trading lot - the lot for manual lot trading.
  • Autolot - enable/disable auto lot calculation.
  • Auto lot increment - The lot vill be calculated fore every X on the account.

  • Long SMA - period of the first indicator.
  • Short SMA - period of the second indicatorl.

  • Take Profit Level - real take profit in points.
  • Stop Loss, points - real stop loss.

  • High spread Protection - Use high spread protection.
  • Max spread - Don't place any orders if spread is higher than this value.

  • Winter GMT Offset - Winter GMT Offset.
  • Star Hour - the EA operation start hour.
  • End Hour - the EA operation end hour.

  • MaxOrders - Masimum allowed open orders.
  • MagicNumber - unique identifier of the Ea's orders.

Wichai Chomvijit
Wichai Chomvijit 2019.11.05 09:57 

No comment.

Jean Fermigier
Jean Fermigier 2019.07.22 17:08 

To use in volatile markets

vincent de paul kouakou kouassi
vincent de paul kouakou kouassi 2019.07.04 11:03 

Hello, since 6 days I rented santa scalping but no positions taken,don't waste your money, it's scam,he does not respond to messages sent to him, I will file a complaint with mql5 for a refund, BIG SCAM

Pooya Nazari Kangarloo
Pooya Nazari Kangarloo 2019.03.28 15:33 

very bad strategy with huge stop loss

Andrey Brykov
Andrey Brykov 2019.03.07 12:02 

Санта оставит вас без подарков и без денег. Бегите, глупцы!!!!

Santa will leave you without gifts and without money. Run, fools!!!!

Natasha Diedericks
Natasha Diedericks 2019.02.08 21:53 

Update: Seller has responded. Thanks Morten!

basketballugo 2019.02.06 22:32 

Ea is shit, its not 100%, it does hit stop loss

Michael Williams
Michael Williams 2019.01.31 06:03 

Morten's support has been exceptional! He has always responded to my questions and concerns. He quickly fixed an issue with one of his EAs that I brought to his attention. He is passionate and concerned about his clients' success; he recently added updates that have greatly improved this EA in response to users` concerns. Also, my M15 configuration has not had a single loss since I started it on 1/15/2019 on my demo account. It did not trade during that major drop on the 24th. The key is back-test this EA with your broker's data, and find the risk you are comfortable with. I use the MT5 version for this. This is an EA for the long run, thanks for sharing Morten!

John 2019.01.26 18:08 

This week was a challenge that other EAs have overcome, but this one not , It has potential, but it needs to develop more tools to face difficult weeks ,

Update : Great support for Morten

Perspolis 2019.01.26 16:15 

i rented this EA , 2 weeks ago.

fortunately, no tread for me this time. Until all of the Builder EA signals were made by Call Margin.

diu 2019.01.26 02:11 

Running demo with latest version, so far, it is stable, I will update next month.

Suggested solution was added by the author in version 2.3, to add a reserve % function.

Now you can specify, for example, 75 in the Reserve % parameter, so that the EA works according to the 1/4 by 3/4 capital management strategy.

EA respects this simple rule, there is no need for an additional account as a wallet and EA will only use 25% of balance.

There is still no recovery mechanism when currency goes against opened trade and can hit SL.

I suggest to withdraw weekly or monthly in line with 1/4 by 3/4 capital management strategy.

Developer is reachable and friendly.

Real Need
Real Need 2019.01.25 03:02 

ea need lmprove

Yingnan Li
Yingnan Li 2019.01.25 01:13 

make it better

vladimir250273 2019.01.21 21:24 

Установил советник почти месяц назад и хочу сказать, что результаты очень хорошие, т.е. использую советник с риском в 50, т.е. на максимум от автора и результат на сегодня 39,5 %. Советник не открывал сделки в очень плохие дни и поэтому просадок не было. Рекомендую!

VLADIMIR KLEVKO 2019.01.11 18:08 

Excellent advisor, BUT if you have enough patience and understand what's going on with the trade, don't afraid of long running orders and know what to do in case the sh!t hist a fan.

I'm using this advisor at extremely high risk 24/5 and had some hickups during those runs, however the patience and required actions not only saved me from drawdown while the market goes totally against you and of course ended in profit. Finally I made 100%+ in 2 days.

If you do not know what to do, then better stick to the suggested settings and you're good. But be patient while it storms.

I would also recommend to have a backup to fund an account in worst case scenario and give positions time to recover.

Smartfx123 2019.01.07 16:00 

Instantly have Large draw down & small profit.. maybe its early days? I will update again soon hopefully to a better rating as I paid 200 for this system in error, i meant to rent for 1 month..

update - just gets worse. reckless trading, huge stop loss & big draw down. This is not trading, this is gambling at the highest risk!

John Brennan
John Brennan 2019.01.04 08:36 

Don't waste your money on this one

Seyedmohammad Ramezani
Seyedmohammad Ramezani 2018.12.31 08:55 

i buy this ea and i check the backtest result, actually the result is not good on 2010 to 2017. but the result in 2018 is different?!!

HKKY 2018.12.30 21:45 

So far best EA. Steady profits

jirad2526 2018.12.11 08:55 


nguyenvanlong 2018.12.08 01:25 

EA very well. I have profited from the transaction. Hope EA will give long term profit.

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2018.12.06 13:26   

Finalmente y después de un dd que te deja la cuenta a cero, no hay ganas para seguir probando.

Y decido que esto no vale para nada, susbcribe a mi señal:


Apunta a caballo ganador.

Pavel Bobrovskiy
Pavel Bobrovskiy 2018.12.05 02:20 

Very interesting and promising adviser!

版本 2.3 2019.01.30
It is now possible to set procentage of the account to preserve.
If everything goes wrong all orders will be closed to preserve x% amount of the account
版本 2.1 2019.01.29
Following has been added/corrected
* Possible to lockprofit
* Possible to use trailing stop
版本 1.3 2019.01.19
Bug fixed with the maxorders not been used

Thanks to Vladimir Klevko for finding this bug
And thanks to the very comitted comunity