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EA Skynet

This is a fully automated smart adaptive algorithm. The SKYNET system calculates the history data and performs the analysis based on the probability percentage of where the upcoming breakout of the support and resistance level will take place, and places pending orders.

The Expert Advisor adapts to any market conditions. It was backtested and optimized using real ticks with 99,9% quality. It has successfully completed stress testing.

The EA contains the algorithm of statistics collection with output on the information panel.

МetaТrader 5 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/40603

It is recommended to choose ECN brokers and accounts with minimum spread.

Default settings are optimal for EURUSD. Timeframe - 30 minutes.

VPS is required.

Requirements and Recommendations

  • 5-digit quotes.
  • Maximum spread: 0 - 20 points.
  • Minimum deposit: $100.
  • Maximum stop level: 0 - 5 points.


  • Order Type - select trade direction.
  • Magic - trades ID.
  • Order Comment - comment to orders.
  • Slippage - allowed slippage before an order is triggered.
  • Risk Protection Close Orders - when set to true, the EA uses forced position closing to protect against losses.
  • Use custom slippage - close positions in case of a slippage.
    • custom slippage - slippage in points.
  • Information_graphics - information on the chart.
  • Use_strategy_Breakdown - use a breakout strategy.
  • Max Spread - maximum spread allowed before pending order triggers.
  • disable trade if spread high - disable trading for some time (from 5 minutes to 24 hours) if the average spread exceeds Max_Spread.
  • Custom_balance - FreeMargin = false or Balance = true.
  • Use_Risk MM - if this is true, the lot size will increase when account balance grows (Risk Management).
  • Percentage Risk - lot increase based on the balance (risk management in %).
  • Fixed Lot - Fixed lot value (if Use_Risk_MM - false).
  • Take Profit - take profit in points.
  • Stop Loss - stop loss in points.
  • Adaptive trading stop - if true - adaptive trailing stop.
  • Set Trailing Mod - six trailing stop modifications.
    • Trailing_modification_1 - modification 1.
    • ...
    • Trailing_modification_6 - modification 6.
  • Trailing Stop - trailing points when the position is in profit. (-1 = off, 0 = Stop_Loss).
  • Trailing Step - trailing step when the position is in profit.
  • Breakeven Target PipsInp - if the price exceeds the value, breakeven triggers. (-1 = off).
  • Breakeven Jump PipsInp - stop Loss moves to breakeven at this distance.
  • Show_Info_Panel - information panel. (if set to false, the testing process in the Strategy Tester will be faster).
  • Visibility Order_Stop Percent - placing a pending order after moving N %.
  • Delete Order_Stop Percent - deleting a pending order if N % less.

Parameters for strategy 1 and 2:

  • Use Strategy 1 - use the first strategy.
  • Use Strategy 2 - use the second strategy.
  • Step Orders - step of the distance from virtual order to the current price.
  • Step Factor Orders - factor if the price moves away from a virtual order.
  • Step Orders Factor revers - reverse if the price moves towards a virtual order.
  • breakdown past weeks - when set to true, the EA uses breakdown of past weeks.

Trading within the week:

  • Monday - when set to true, trading on Monday is allowed;
  • ...
  • Friday - if true, trade on Friday.

Trading by time within the day:

  • Use time - if true, the EA trades by time;
  • Time_Setting - server time or computer time;
  • GMT setting - GMT settings;
    • GMT Mode - manual setting;
  • GMT_mode - GMT offset of the broker server time (0 - disabled);
  • Every_Day_Start - operation start time (hh:mm);
  • Every_Day_End - operation end time (hh:mm).

Time to disable on Friday:

  • Use time - if true, the EA trades by time;
  • Disable_in_Friday - operation end time on Friday (hh:mm).
  • custom commission - commission for calculation of slippage.
lolodeth 2019.02.03 13:36 

I using since 8 month on vps 3ms and ecn real account and never win money, i stop using this EA.

Yuan Liu
Yuan Liu 2018.05.17 11:23 


vidis 2017.03.31 19:48 

I rented the EA for three months but absolutely useless from my point of view. It looks good and I tried with all possibilities, but produces only losses. I'm sorry but I can not give more than a star, and I think it's too much.

I tested for three months also another EA "Morpheus" a bit 'better, but with substantially the same result. I think you should do a review of your EA with more concrete results

Long Chen
Long Chen 2017.02.21 21:05 

The average income of the strategy is low, the recommended use of ECN accounts:http://cn.roboforex.com/?a=eyld

Keisuke Tsutsui
Keisuke Tsutsui 2016.12.27 12:29 

This is very very lose mashine, please do not buy anyone. If this EA changing the sell to buy or buy to sell , this is very very rich mashine/ please make new version I hope like this.

Giovanni Caliolo
Giovanni Caliolo 2016.11.04 18:39 

Dopo 8 mesi di utilizzo è giunto il momento di rivedere il mio voto in positivo... Inoltre gli ultimi update hanno migliorato di moltissimo questo Ea... Ho utilizzato questo ea da Marzo, inizialmente con Eur/Usd e Successivamente anche con Usd/Jpy. Ho utilizzato il Setting di Default, modificando il "Percentage Risk" da 10 a 30 (equivalente del rischio del 3%). Capitale Iniziale di 1000 euro. Come Broker ho utilizzato ACTIVTRADES con DENARO REALE. Questi sono i risultati


Marzo +96.58

Aprile +1095.06

Maggio +111.21

Giugno -251.85

Luglio +1201.97

Agosto +183.23

Settembre -45.49

Ottobre +91.71

Profitto +2482.42


Maggio -60.32

Giugno +112.03

Luglio +16.02

Agosto +727.92

Settembre +270.92

Ottobre +226.23

Profitto +1292.80

Totale Profitto: +3775.22

In Definitiva quindi un Ottimo Ea che Migliora ad ogni Update

GLD106 2016.09.23 21:07 


after testing the EA for several month with different Brokers and accounts I achieved the best results at ICMarkets standard account and VPS.

I achieved an average performance of +2,5% per week within 16 weeks from June till September 2016 (see my command 2016.09.23 21:04)

Thank you Ruslan for your great work!

VictorNeuner 2016.09.05 09:11 

loss EA

nicebird 2016.07.05 04:47   

I bought this Ea Skynet and give me more losses .. Please don't buy it .. Seller should be refund money for any one or change another EA for free as buyer requested ..

Raanan Shabtai
Raanan Shabtai 2016.06.26 08:46 

I bought this product few month ago, and all it is able to make are losses. Even the GBP breakout last week - was causing major losses.. It back test ok, but will slowly drain your live account. -12% lost on the account + 400 $ for its purchase, and now stopped it for good. Waste of time and money. Sorry, but I had better expectations...

fabrizio pierantoni
fabrizio pierantoni 2016.06.07 11:33   

Rented for three months but stopped after one month !! only losses and minimal profits.

The seller enters the post of profits unreal and deceptive.

do not buy this product.

0 stars.

Алексей Sid
Алексей Sid 2016.06.02 20:17 

Коллеги, привет. Прошел месяц тестирования данного робота.

Купил, можно сказать, кота в мешке ибо демо версии для реального счета нет. Брокер и счет использовал рекомендованный автором робота. Круглосуточный сервер.

Результаты на реальном счете отрицательные, не так как на тестировании на истории. Пришел к выводу, что роботы, работающие на пробое локальных экстремумов не работают. Денег на счете больше не стало.

Буду рад возврату средств.

П.С. Кому нужно, покажу статистику.

StealDollar 2016.05.18 09:29 

All Hello Dear Traders!

I Rent this expert 2 weeks ago,

For 2 weeks made my profit lose every day

Eugen Mischenko
Eugen Mischenko 2016.05.11 22:35 

Месяц тестил на двух брокерах, совсем не впечатляет результат, даже на новостях не открывает сделки. Второй сигнал Автора тоже не впечатляет. Не советую этого експерта.

Igor Otkidach
Igor Otkidach 2016.05.10 13:20 

Автор данного советника мошенник! Советник в реальной обстановке не может работать, так как в тестере! Кроме этого, автор советника повторно перезапустил мониторинг этого эксперта с нуля! Предыдущий мониторинг получил просадку! Хватит обманывать людей! Если не можешь создать эксперта, который зарабатывает, тогда иди на рынок торговать пирожками!!! От меня 1 звезда и презрение!

版本 8.75 2018.04.19
Added new modifications of the trailing stop.
版本 8.74 2017.01.13
Fixed modification of stop loss: if STOP-LEVEL > 0.
版本 8.73 2016.12.26
Fixed minor bugs.
版本 8.72 2016.10.19
1. Revised all mechanics of searching for breakouts.
2. Improved two additional strategies.
3. Added slippage panel.
版本 8.37 2016.07.08
Added protection against high spread: if the average spread is greater than the (max spread) variable, the EA closes pending orders and does not place new orders.
版本 8.36 2016.06.23
1. Improved the main breakout strategy.
2. Added protection against large slippages.
版本 8.35 2016.06.07
Fixed re-drawing lines on the chart after changing Change_correction_Period parameter.
版本 8.34 2016.05.18
Improved the main breakout strategy.
Improved the additional strategy, "news breakout".
版本 8.33 2016.04.12
1. Fixed: "Expert Advisor hyperactivity" - frequent modification of pending orders.
2. Fixed trade timing (new input for time setting "GMT").
3. Trading time is displayed in the info panel.
4. Improved news breakthrough strategy.
版本 8.32 2016.03.18
Improved the trailing stop feature.
版本 8.31 2016.03.08
Fixed the info panel:
1) Added freeze level.
2) Added information on monthly profit.