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Big Players Last Fight

A very useful Price Action point is the previous day Closing VWAP. We call it Big Players Last Fight. This indicator will draw a line showing on your chart what was the last VWAP price of the previous trading session. Simple and effective.

As an additional bonus, this indicator saves the VWAP value on the Public Terminal Variables, so you EA could read easily its value! Just for the "Prefix + Symbol name" on the variables list and you will see!


  • How many past days back do you want to scan?
  • VWAP Calculation Type. Classic calculation: TYPICAL = (H+L+C)/3
  • Volume Type toe used in calculation.
  • Show feedback error/success message when loading the data from your Broker server.
  • Name prefix for the lines.
  • Line Color, style and width.

As always, if you like this indicator, all I am asking is a little Review (not a Comment, but a REVIEW!)...   

This will mean A LOT to me... And this way I can continue to give away Cool Stuff for Free...

With No Strings Attached!  Ever!

Live Long and Prosper!

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    Версия 1.4 2020.09.11
    :: Fixed bug on re-calculate the new VWAP for a new day.
    Версия 1.3 2020.09.03
    :: Automatically saves the Last (previous session) VWAP into a Terminal Variable, so EAs can read it easily.
    :: Fixed bug related to naming the lines on the chart.
    Версия 1.2 2020.06.06
    :: Recompiled (obligatory by Metaquotes as of June,05,2020) to the new MT5 version 2485. Please let me know if anything weird happens...
    Версия 1.1 2020.04.27
    :: Added the ability to get more than 1 day of past VWAPs... User controllable.