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Candle Zones

You probably heard about Candlesticks behaviors, which in most of the times could denote and trace Volume behaviors even if you are not watching Volume itself... Well, this indicator will do this. Naked traders love to rely solely on candlesticks patterns and with Candle Zones you can trap special patterns and DRAW THEM on your chart.

As simple as that. There are several filters you can tweak in order to achieve the analysis you want. Just give it a try.

After several months of testing, we think we created a very reliable indicator that you can use in your Day Trading sessions, with the limitation of the M15 Timeframe, and over unlimited past days of analysis.


  1. Timeframe to Analyze Zones - 5, 10 and 15 minutes. It independs of the Chart Timeframe. That's the beauty of this indicator.
  2. How many past days to use in the analysis?
  3. In order to avoid too much lines and signals, Let's agglutinate lines that are within a range.
  4. Would you like to analyze every candle in the timeframe or just those with BIG WICKS? (as Spinning Tops and/or Dojis)?
  5. What would be the Wick Size in relation to the Candle Body in order to consider a Spinning Top/Doji candle?


    1. Show all indicator feedback messages in order to have it running smoothly.
    2. Line Color
    3. Line Style
    4. Line Width

      NOTE: You can stack up to 3 versions of the Candle Zones, using the different timeframes (5, 10 and 15 min). If you repeat the same timeframe, it will erase the previous lines of the previous inserted indicator.

      If after you tried this lighter version and want more strong signals coming from higher Timeframes, take a look at the PRO version of Candle Zones:

      Candle Zones PRO

      It took me a lot of time and testing to come up with this indicator...

      If you like it, all I am asking is a little REVIEW...   

      This will mean A LOT to me... And this way I can continue to give away Cool Stuff for Free...

      With No Strings Attached!  Ever!

      If you want more Advanced stuff I will launch a PRO version of it, but for starters, this version is pretty full of stuff!

      Live Long and Prosper!


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      Версия 1.1 2020.06.06
      :: Recompiled (obligatory by Metaquotes as of June,05,2020) to the new MT5 version 2485. Please let me know if anything weird happens...