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LT Round Numbers

Round numbers (or key levels) is an amazing strategy.

These numbers are strong support and resistance levels. So what this indicator does is draw horizontal lines on the chart to help you find these levels.


  • 1St level:
  • Color - lines color.
  • Style - lines style.
  • Width - lines width.
  • 2Nd level:
  • Second level lines? - turn off second level lines.
  • Color - lines color.
  • Style - lines style.
  • Width - lines width.
  • Space between lines in points - I don't need explain :)
  • Display at background - draw lines in front or back of candles.
  • Selectable lines - turn on or off the option to selec the lines.
  • Line identification - identification of lines in the objects list.

Any help or suggestion please contact us.

Enjoy :)

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Версия 1.1 2019.05.06
- Disable 2nd level lines not working (fixed).