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LT Trade Panel Lite

Have you missed any tools or shortcuts in Meta Trader? Simple things that would make your daily trading much easier?

We have the solution for you: our Trade Panel!

This is an EA tool (Expert Advisor) that, if configured to controll all symbols, needs to be loaded only once.

This is the Lite version (free) of our tool.

Obs. Trade Panel has the power to unpin from Meta Trader to control all the symbols without having to load it on each chart. But for that you need our tool Active Symbol. It serves to identify the symbol that are you watching and inform Trade Panel. So you need load it in all symbols you want to trade with Trade Panel. You can download it by using below link: 

Active Symbol: https://www.mql5.com/pt/market/product/40727

If you have some problemas with the shortcut buttons on chart on unpinned mode try change the tickets digits option.

We are working on the Pro (professional) version that will be monstrous! Soon it will be completed.

If you have any questions, suggestions or find any bug, please contact us!


Отзывы 12
Paulo 2020.08.26 04:25 

Excelente, parabéns.

adthinzad 2020.08.03 23:48 

As i said (in the comments section) - i absolutely love it! To paraphrase - "One LT Trade Panel (with the "Active Symbol") , to rule them all!.." ;) BEAST! Thanks Thiago, for your work!

Flavio Ribeiro
Flavio Ribeiro 2019.12.24 19:56 

ótima boleta amigo. Obrigado!!

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thiagorodrigo87 2020.09.11 07:47   

I really like the idea, I downloaded it but some times it works some times not. Like today I've try to use it with HK50 and I open one lot normally but on the second one I was pressing the button and nothing happens, another time it open the order in delay. Any one have the same experience? what do I do to fix it?

Paulo 2020.08.26 04:25 

Excelente, parabéns.

adthinzad 2020.08.03 23:48 

As i said (in the comments section) - i absolutely love it! To paraphrase - "One LT Trade Panel (with the "Active Symbol") , to rule them all!.." ;) BEAST! Thanks Thiago, for your work!

ermis 2020.06.23 21:51   

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Empalamado 2020.04.19 17:26   

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Flavio Ribeiro
Flavio Ribeiro 2019.12.24 19:56 

ótima boleta amigo. Obrigado!!

mateusfmpetry 2019.11.05 19:06   

Excelente boleta. Além do ótimo atendimento do desenvolvedor. Recomendo

Cleber.woods 2019.09.25 17:10 

Excelente, estou usando faz algum tempo recomendo vale a pena. Suporte rápido.

Flavia Freitas Claro Dos Santos Claro
Flavia Freitas Claro Dos Santos Claro 2019.09.10 13:56 

excelente, estou usando e atende tudo o que eu preciso, super recomendo

Joscelino 2019.09.07 20:33 

Excelente boleta! Recomendo!

Vanderlei Kulzer
Vanderlei Kulzer 2019.08.30 19:35 

Very good tool, tested it and worked. The developer is very supportive

Paulo Moraes
Paulo Moraes 2019.07.28 23:58 

Obrigado por compartilhar.

Версия 1.20 2020.06.18
- Fixed a bug on daily result from v1.19. Thanks to Gustavo Verneque for reporting this.
Версия 1.19 2020.06.15
- Now you can filter the trades history maded by Trade Panel only.
- Now when you close the Trade Panel the volume, stop loss and take profit are saved for the next time you load it.
- The trade history run faster thanks to the new MT5 language update (MQL5).
Версия 1.18 2020.03.10
- Added margin required and tick value for specific volume before open a trade.
- Added margin used by open trades.
Версия 1.17 2020.03.05
- Open result ignoring swap and comission (fixed).
Версия 1.16 2019.11.05
- Added options for one symbol mode (thanks to mateusfmpetry).
Версия 1.15 2019.10.15
- Empty swap when not applicable (n/a).
- Fixed a bug on chart shortcut buttons reported by Marcio (mngmarcio). Thank you for your help!
- Fixed a bug on price type option (pips and points).
Версия 1.14 2019.10.12
- Added shortut to delete drawn objects from chart (D key).
- Bugfixed when plotting pending orders on symbols with tick size greater than 1 (Bovespa Index, for example).
- Small improvements.
Версия 1.13 2019.10.04
- Added description of what each function does (optional).
- Added keyboard shortcuts for pending orders.
- Smaller interface.
- Overall code optimization.
Версия 1.12 2019.09.26
- Added option to choose between price line or label on chart.
- Added connection status and ping in seconds.
- Tickets digits check also on pending orders.
- Now idiom (portuguese or english) are automatically selected.
- Now you are warned when MT5 is offline or if Automated Trading is disabled.
- Better organization of input parameters.
Версия 1.11 2019.09.18
- Added option to hide chart price, datetime and one-click trading buttons.
- Added keyboard shortcut to hide/show all objects on chart (update Active Symbol to use this function on unpinned mode).
- Now Trade Panel can check if the Active Symbol tool you are using is not the newest.
- Now you can only specify SL, TP and volume as numbers (to not get error).
- Now the default volume specified on Active Symbol is automatically corrected if not match the symbol volume.
- Bugfix on spread indicator on pips price type.
Версия 1.10 2019.09.06
- Added more tickets digits options (thanks to cleber.ross).
- Added new candle alert with costomizable message.
Версия 1.9 2019.09.02
- Fixed bugs reported by users (thanks for the help!).
- Added warning when the account has different digits than you selected.
- Added option to remove Active Symbol tool from all charts when close Trade Panel (for this you must use close button on Trade Panel before the window on unpinned mode).
Версия 1.8 2019.08.27
- Now you can use your keyboard as shortcut to some funcions!
- Now is possible move SL and TP on unpinned mode (update Active Symbol tool).
- Added open positions result as balance percentage.
- Added watermark with symbol name and timeframe on chart (optional).
- Added candle time on chart (optional).
- Removed 'all symbols pinned' control mode.

Obs. This will be the last big update to the Lite version. The next updates will be only bugfixes or small changes. We will focus on the professional version now.
Версия 1.7 2019.08.24
- Fixed account type always on demo mode.
- Fixed open pips result with wrong pipet/point.
- Added option to choose the price type (pips or pipets/points).
- Added option to choose ticket digits manually.
- Added shortcut buttons on unpinned mode, including on custom charts (like offline renko).
- Code improvments.
- Others small changes.
Версия 1.6 2019.08.13
Emergency update!
- All positions have an ID number (ticket). This number may differ from a broker to another, causing shortcut buttons on chart to not work. Now Trade Panel recognize and fix this automatically.
Версия 1.5 2019.08.12
Huge update!
- Fixed Buy Stop orders without SL and TP.
- Fixed hidden open result still visible.
- Added shortcut buttons on chart.
- Added option to hide 6th digit (pipet).
- Added symbol timeframe.
- Added Bid an Ask prices below buy and sell buttons.
- Added total swap from all open positions.
- Added option to hide open volume.
- Added option to choose between spread in pips or pipets (points).
- Now is possible see the account credit (bonuses).
- Now is possible put pending orders on unpinned mode (very hard to make it possible)
- Optimized work with Active Symbol tool. Please update it, because Trade Panel not work anymore with version 1.3.
Версия 1.4 2019.08.08
- Day percentage not updating (fixed).
- Candle time now with hour.
- Now time candle works with selected symbol on unpinned mode.
- Added account leverage.
- Added options to hide values (balance, account number, account growth and profit).
- Small changes on input parameters.

Professional version soon! :)
Версия 1.3 2019.08.01
- Now is possible specify the default lot for each symbol. When the symbol is selected the Trading Panel input lot will change automatically.
Версия 1.2 2019.07.25
- Now is possible manage all symbols with single one open panel! But you need to load our Active Symbol tool on each symbol you want the panel to manage. Plus, now you can use together with our Trade Manager!
Версия 1.1 2019.07.22
- Little bug fixed.