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Entry and Exit

Entry and Exit indicator simplifies the trading process by automatically providing the entry price and the take profit price with the appropriate stop loss. The indicator constantly monitors the market for the right entry conditions and send outs signals via push notifications to the trader's mobile phone or pc as desired. Hence a trader do not need to watch the chart all day but only act when signals are sent.

This indicator is built around the 'H4 Engulfing System' and the 'Triple Stochastic System' with proprietary algorithm. These systems are very effective for catching a trend or predicting the start of a trend. The  'H4 Engulfing System'  is based on engulfing candlestick with the appropriate filters to produce reliable signals while the 'Triple Stochastic System' is based  on analysing stochastics over multiple time frames to produce reliable signals.

Push notifications, chart messages as well as audible alerts are supported.


  • Integrated push notifications, Sound Alerts and Message Box on the chart
  • Ability to select any or all of the trading systems
  • Can be used on all currency pairs
  • Provides Entry Price, Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Early Trend identifier 

How to Trade

  • Attach the Entry and Exit Indicator (a.k.a. Trend Catcher) to the required chat
  • When the entry conditions are met, the indicator provides a notification which shows the entry price, the take profit and the stop loss. The notifications which are user configurable are in form of audible alert, push notifications to mobile phones and a message shown on the chat.
  • Simply enter the market at the provided price and time.
  • You should aim to enter the market the moment the signal is released. The times at which the notifications are normally sent provided the entery rules have been met are: 
      • H4 Engulfing System (H4mobile): Every 4 hours interval
      • Triple Stochastic System (TStoch): Every 15 minutes interval
  • You can apply any trade management rules you have. One of such rules is to move your stop loss to breakeven when the market moves sufficiently away from your entry price. 

Input Parameters

The input parameters used to control the type of notifications you prefer include:

  • Display Info On Chart  = If true, signals are displayed on the chat
  • Allow Alerts = if true, Audible Alerts are sent with the signals.
  • Allow Notifications = if true, push notifications are sent to the MT4 mobile app
  • Allow Arrows, = if true, directional arrows appear on the chart to indicate a sell or buy.

Remember to enable push notifications from your mt4 desktop application if you wish to receive notifications on your mobile phone.

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