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FBO Impact

FBO Impact is a professional yet simple to use trend following system. It detects the prevailing trend and gives entry points after pullbacks to significant price levels. To determine the trend it uses a unique filtering algorithm. Suitable for defining entry points for scalping as well as for intra-day trading.


  1. Works with the prevailing market trend.
  2. Suitable for all currency pairs.
  3. Ideal for all time frames.
  4. Does not redraw/repaint the arrows on the chart.
  5. Arrows are confirmed at the close of the current candle.
  6. The system is easy to configure and use.
  7. Highest speed and minimum CPU requirement.
  8. Pop-up sound alerts, push notifications and email alerts.


  • Send_Email: This sets email notifications.
  • Audible_Alerts: This sets pop-up alerts.
  • Push_Notifications: This sets mobile notifications. 

How to Use

  1. Place trade in the direction of the arrow once a new candle starts.
  2. Place Stop-Loss a few pips above the last swing high/low depending on the trade direction.
  3. Take-Profit could be at 1:1 or 1:2 risk/reward ratio

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