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MoneyNeverSleeps is a fully automated scalping Expert Advisor. It trades by the channel breakout strategy. You will not need to fine tune this EA. It uses smart algorithms to adapt to market.

No standard indicators.

No martingale.

No grid trading.

No arbitrage.

No curve fitting according to backtest results.

Stops are tight.


Minimum balance is $200

Timeframe M30 and H1

More balance, more trades, better performance.


cSecond - line of same indicator

MaxOrders - Maximum number of orders

RiskPercent - Percentage of equity to trade

TakeProfit - Take Profit

StopLoss - Stop Loss

TrailingStop - 100

Slippage - Slippage. 1-2 suggests - no more and no less

An ECN broker which provides low spread and fast execution. If you use ECN accounts, you will not face a huge spread difference. That is why we recommend ECN Brokers. Our recommended maximum allowable spread for EUR/USD is 12, USD/JPY 12, and AUD/USD 12,and USD/CAD 12

Please note: backtesting performance of a trading system cannot indicator future results!

Any results obtained in the Strategy Tester or demo or live accounts in the past, do not guarantee a profit on these or other accounts in the future.

Forex trading involves a high potential profit, but also includes a high potential risk. Therefore you may find forex trading unsuitable for you. A high leverage in the forex market can harm you as well as it can help for you.

Before you start working with the MoneyNeverSleeps Expert Advisor, please carefully consider your investment objectives, tasks, trading experience, and your personal risk appetite. You should also be aware of the possibility of losing part or, in the worst case, all of your initial investment.

I highly recommend trade only using the funds that are not necessary for your survival or well-being.

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