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Gold Grail Expert1

  • Gold Grail Expert (GGE for short) adopts a unique design to follow the trend of gold fluctuations. When the price of gold goes to one side, the program will open orders in the intermittent of callback trend. Meanwhile, GGE adopts multiple filtering methods including Bollinger Bands, RSI, ADX and DeMarker to improve the accuracy of the signal for trade. Each order has Stop-loss and Profit-take setting automatically to effectively ensure the profit.
  • Foreign exchange is a high risk market. Most investors will face liquidation and failure in long-term transactions. Without complicated parameters setting, Gold Grail Expert is simple and easy to use. It can help both individual investors and investment institutions with great capital to obtain the stable and huge profit in the long-term period
  • Gold Grail Expert is not suitable for those who seek great overnight wealth. Stability and huge long-term profit is our trade style and is above everything in our opinion.
  • By the way, Gold Grail Experts V2 is under study and test. Its capability of locking stable and huge profit is much stronger than V1 and will surely beyond your expectations. The test results for the time being are also shown here. We are doing everything we can to bring it to you ASAP.

Tradepairs: Gold||XAUUSD

VPS:There is no requirement for VPS configuration and platform delay.


TradeType---the type to trade,three options for choose;

OrdersComment--- Comment on orders;

MaxSpread--- the maximal Spread ;

Lots---lot size to trade;

Risk---Risk of money management;

Tp---Take profit;


Maxorders---Total orders holding limit at a time;

Lots_exp---lots multiplier coefficient;

Magic---Magicnumber on orders;

ShowInfopanel---information panel;

Col_info---color information;

Stop_Friday---stop trading on Friday;

Stop_Time_Friday---Time to stop trading on Friday;

Close_Time_Friday---Time to close all orders on Friday;

priceADX1---price of ADX;

levelADX1---Level of ADX;

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