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End Points

The End Point indicator is an indicator that predicts that the tired trend should now return. In this indicator law, we can easily understand that the trend which is in constant or continuous decline should now be reversed. to With these signals the user starts the trades.
  • Recommended time interval: M30, H1
  • Run with at least 20 pairs.
  • Operate with a maximum of two pairs.
  • For every couple of times.
  • Because of this increase, your chances of trading increase.


  • Calculation - this property is transaction depth. The higher this is, the more healthy the signal is. 
  • Alerts - this feature sends alerts to the mt4 screen.
  • Alert_mobil - The mobile app sends alerts.
  • Alert_email - this feature will alert you to your mail address.
  • Upmessage - Alert Up trend message setting
  • Downmessage - Alert down trend message setting

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