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Fix Up

Советник основан на устойчивом паттерне пробоя текущего канала. Данный паттерн выявлен с помощью спектрального анализа цены на большом промежутке времени и успешно отрабатывается на протяжении 20 лет.  Имеет встроенный механизм расчета прибыли, а также закрывает сделки по виртуальному Stop Loss и Take Profit , которые более  чем 40 пунктов по 4-значным котировкам. Советник работает на валютных парах: EURUSD, EURGBP, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF. Все настройки вписанны в файл данных и передаются в советник напрямую. 

Рабочий таймфейм 30 минут, но также учитываются более старшие таймфреймы 60 минут и 1 день. 

Советник не применяет опасные стратегии :  скальпинг , мартингейл и не строит сетку ордеров - в рынке всегда одна сделка.

Параметры :

  • Pairs - выбор настроек для валютной пары.
  • Magic- уникальный идентификатор Magic Number.
  • Slippage - значение допустимого проскальзывания цены.
  • Lot - размер фиксированного лота.
  • Risk - процентный параметр динамического лота(если 0 , то лот равен Lot).
  • SL- значение Stop Loss  для 5-значных котировок.
  • TP- значение Take Profit для 5-значных котировок.
  • LEVEL- значение уровня канала от цены для защиты от скальпинга.
  • Use Trailing - использование Trailing Stop.
  • Trailing Stop Start - значение расстояния от цены открытия ордера, когда начнет работать Trailing Stop для 5-значных котировок.
  • Trailing Stop Distance - значение расстояния от цены, когда установится Trailing Stop Loss для 5-значных котировок.
  • close_signal - закрытие сделок по обратному сигналу.

По умолчанию настройки стоят для валютной пары EURUSD , чтобы загрузить настройки для других валютных пар нужно изменить параметр Pairs. Больше ничего настраивать не надо. 

Не нужно загружать set файлы и другие файлы!

Csongor Pall
Csongor Pall 2020.02.19 12:28 

Fake reports, terrible trades. The Money Pit name would suit better this EA. Not recommended at all.

wallace adans
wallace adans 2019.05.30 00:03 

Eu daria nenhuma estrela . Perda de dinheiro .

Roberto Cosimi
Roberto Cosimi 2019.05.12 17:53 

wc expert ! bad

Mervyn Samuel
Mervyn Samuel 2019.04.27 08:24 

please try optimising the EA it gives only two possible values . This gives a fair idea whats in the EA offcourse backtest results are good. More over backtest results are no way close to real in most EAs. The backtest results has literally zero latency they don't include commissions and swaps. If you back test EA's without keeping this in mind you can be taken for ride . One way to filter out this by looking at avg holding time of each trade. If its more than a a day be prepared to pay swaps

Felipe Ponce Aragon
Felipe Ponce Aragon 2019.04.22 17:21 

I'll let the profits do the rating. Since October 2018 to March, 2019, total profit is 50 pips. Unacceptable and not as in backtest. The EA has saved trades from history but doesn't perform as in backtest.

April 26 update: 9 pips profit since October, 2018. Bad EA.

Sergei Schaste
Sergei Schaste 2019.04.08 17:11 

It seems the situation has not changed for the better over the past six months, colleagues ? :))

Donny Yap
Donny Yap 2019.03.07 17:27 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

wenyi Chiu
wenyi Chiu 2019.02.14 05:38 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

Pavel M
Pavel M 2019.02.12 12:56 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

KikkoM 2019.02.02 08:04 

Author disappeared.

Expert has not been updated and is not profitable.

Don't buy it.

lolodeth 2019.01.20 09:34 

Very bad, very good for loss money. Author promise update long ago, but never come and not news to the author in comments.

Sergey Semenov
Sergey Semenov 2019.01.09 04:25 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

e19891112 2018.12.28 07:43 




10/25-10/28 一筆交易 獲利1.09美金(這次似乎在某種錯誤的因素下提前結束交易所以有獲利,但用歷史回測這段時間區間的時候是以虧損5美金停損出場)

11/20-11/20 一筆交易 獲利5.15美金

12/17-12/18 一筆交易 虧損5.04美金

12/18-12/19 一筆交易 獲利5.15美金

12/26-12/27 一筆交易 獲利4.97美金





Before actually buying EA ~ I follow the author's suggestion ~ use EURUSD to perform a 10-year backtest ~ the result is quite excellent

After several evaluations~ I ordered this EA~ and started the real-life test of small parts from October~ in the case of a leverage ratio of 1:30

I used $100 as the basis for the 0.01 lot. After the historical backtest stop and the stoppage were set to 50 points, the best average profit was obtained. The results from October to December are as follows:

10/25-10/28 A profit of 1.09 US dollars in a transaction (this seems to be profitable in advance of some wrong factors, so it is profitable, but when using historical backtesting, the time interval is stopped by a loss of 5 dollars. )

11/20-11/20 A transaction profiting 5.15 US dollars

12/17-12/18 A transaction with a loss of $5.04

12/18-12/19 A transaction profiting 5.15 US dollars

12/26-12/27 A transaction made a profit of 4.97 US dollars

In the past 10-12 months, a total of 4 profit and 1 loss, profit of about 11 US dollars (average monthly profit of 3.6%), if you deduct the original expected loss

It is profitable 3 losses, 2 profit, about 5 dollars (average monthly profit of 1.66%)

To sum up, I want to give the author a support here, although I don't know what the EA's actual trading principles are, but I really want to lengthen the time to see the actual benefits.

Rather than expecting a huge profit from high-frequency trading in a short period of time, I hope that the author will not stop optimizing this EA.

DANIEL LUKE DARTNELL 2018.12.18 00:35 

This EA was doing well in Nov not so well in Dec.

10953722 2018.12.17 22:21 

I bought this EA after seeing the extra ordinary wonderful back test, never suspecting the author.After running this EA on a real account and suffering losses,I have now shut down this stupid EA. Want to give minus one star rating to this EA.

Shehzad Hussain
Shehzad Hussain 2018.12.17 13:57 

I was very optimistic about this EA but continous loosing trades & Author's non availability coupled with her fake promises have forced me to change my opinion about this EA. Unfortunate....

Ibrahim Ogretmen
Ibrahim Ogretmen 2018.12.17 13:05 

Nowadays this EA is becoming very unprofitable and entering strategy needs to be improved.

Georgi Todorov
Georgi Todorov 2018.12.14 21:34 


After the last trade yesterday EURUSD - BUY made on Rate Interest Decision day after the announcement - ZERO interest for the EUR against 2.25% for the Dollar and forecast next Wednesday the USD interest rate to rise up to 2.50% i am convinced that i want refund here. Weak strategy not compatible with the present market stage. It will eat your money for sure. No news filters, no tracking of the traders sentiments just putting the deals blindly. The vendor is pretty busy and usually respond only before to send him/her the money for the "digital product" sold. what a product - GARBAGE!!!! - REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!- REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!- -REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!- REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!!-REFUND!!! is REQUIRED HERE!!!!!! bring me the money and get your "product" back i have lost from it of course following your default set!

Sanich_01 2018.12.13 13:35 

Увы, но похоже что это обман. Все обещания оказались пустым звуком.

Yoshinori Nakamura
Yoshinori Nakamura 2018.12.09 11:20 

Activation fraud

I only use two.

I will also appeal to writing as it is.

Ievgen Alantiev
Ievgen Alantiev 2018.12.08 21:28 

звезда за поддержку, а так стабильно в минус.

Yingnan Li
Yingnan Li 2018.12.07 03:59 


Michaela Zinke
Michaela Zinke 2018.12.06 14:30 

For a very short time ( too short to get out the cost for it!) it seemed to be working well. But if you closed your MT4, whatever reason you had for this, all positions were closed, even in loss. This bug never got fixed. It made more losses on my account than wins - not worse your money nor your time!

More than worse product, only destroying your hard earned money ...

Andrey Tsygankov
Andrey Tsygankov 2018.12.06 10:28   

За полмесяца торговли слил 50% депо (180/90) на консервативных настройках, причем с включенным трейлингом, настройки все скрыты , возможности оптимизации нет, разработчик никак не реагирует, кормит обещаниями обновления, сегодня 2 стопа подряд словил, убрал его со счета, не советую покупать данного эксперта. Не ведитесь на тестер , для него они и пишутся. Автор так и не обновил продукт в указанные самим же сроки, не исправлены ошибки, судя по всему проект под названием Fix up успешно завершен.

Yixiu Ge
Yixiu Ge 2018.12.06 05:01 

An EA that will lose your bottom pants

Xin Wu
Xin Wu 2018.12.05 11:29 

Since October, it has not brought me any profits, only losses, and the author has ignored any questions. He has sent three private letters, but has not replied yet, so I'm sorry that I can only give you one star


John Fasheyiku
John Fasheyiku 2018.12.03 14:48 

Performs significantly different to Backtest than in live runs. Not profitable at the moment (1 month usage) - expecting an updated version imminently will update this review if performance improves.

Also the Author has no live signal referencing the EA, any EA that performance as well as the BT for this EA suggests should have a signal to prove it. Took me about 10 minutes to do the following;

- Create a new account with min deposit required for the EA

- Setup a VPS with MQL (USD10 / month)

- attach the EAs and synchronize

Can't see a rational explanation for why the Author has not done this at this point, will change review if one is given.

2 weeks later Update: I've turned off the EA, it's a constant loss maker. And the Author has gone silent on the update promised 1 - 2 weeks ago


The Author has disapeared. Taken the EA off live - Waste of money, just read the comments for the EA and you'll understand the level of absurdity with this EA

vladimir250273 2018.12.01 15:05 

Советник работает на реальном счёту у брокера Инста Форекс одновременно на всех предложенных разработчиком валютных парах и могу сказать, что за три недели работы отрицательных сделок примерно 70 процентов, а положительных всего 30 процентов. Отсюда вывод, что советник сливает и в ближайший месяц сольёт депозит полностью до нуля. Не советую покупать этот советник.

Paul Mulcahy
Paul Mulcahy 2018.11.30 23:45   

Perhaps there's more going on under the hood than I realize as for how this EA works from "spectral analysis." I bought it because it was wacky. But sometimes wacky works...like astrology. Fibonacci was wacky until his math was studied and proven, I'm sure. The Catholic church sentenced Galileo to life imprisonment for strengthening and publicly speaking his belief in Copernicus' theory that Earth and all other planets revolve around the Sun. Unlike the church, I will not pass judgement on this EA and its author from such a short experience with it. Like Peace, we should give it a chance.

If you're all ginned up to buy a $99 EA and expect it to double your $200 account (leveraged at 1:1000 probably) in a month... perhaps you should pull over and change the air in your head.

Miss Frolova said she would be updating the EA on December 1, or there about. Tranquillo.

Siarhei Ulyanau
Siarhei Ulyanau 2018.11.27 16:04 

советник можно оценить только судя по результатам реальной торговли, через пол года! минимум! т.к. на тесте в тестере, на торговле на демо и на реале - все результаты разные!!! т.е. советник - джентльмен удачи!

Сливатор... Проверено

Пока что отзыв ставлю не хороший,но продолжу тестировать на реале...

masa 2018.11.27 05:49 


Saya pann
Saya pann 2018.11.27 03:23 

Cheap and useless EA.

Nakares Pattanapiroonhakit
Nakares Pattanapiroonhakit 2018.11.26 16:05 

1 month with Win rate < 30%.

Flip coin may better than this

CapikFx 2018.11.22 16:50 

20.11.2018 first trade pair eurusd use this ea and the result owsome .. Thank Alena

Mostafa Nasar
Mostafa Nasar 2018.11.13 06:13 

13-11-2018 it`s profitable ea for now

22-11-2018 too much loss for two weeks

02-12-2018 losses is incresing don`t buy for sure

Mehdi Faraz Fard
Mehdi Faraz Fard 2018.11.12 11:00 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

father5598 2018.11.12 10:54 

Отличный продукт! Спасибо Алёна

RomanKurz 2018.11.06 19:40 

Changed recently my rating to 4 out of 5 Stars, caused by good provided support by developer. EA is very promising. Backtests currently fitting good to real results.

Oleg Bondarenko
Oleg Bondarenko 2018.10.24 13:00 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

Wichai Chomvijit
Wichai Chomvijit 2018.10.24 11:08 

Best of the best EA. So far very very good. Thank you so much Alena Frolova.

code123fish 2018.10.18 12:33 

Can I run it in a demo account?

Shengnan Lin
Shengnan Lin 2018.10.15 15:44 

非常好,这是我在mql5购买的第一个EA, 这个EA没有让我失望,我是新手,没有复杂的设置,全部默认参数,真钱运行EA第一天就让我赚回了购买EA的投资,希望以后它继续很好的运行。


Very good, this is the first EA I bought in mql5, this EA did not let me down, I am a novice, no complicated settings, all default parameters, the real money to run EA on the first day let me earn back the purchase of EA The investment, I hope it will continue to run well in the future.

Thank you Alena for developing such a good EA, thank you.

Salviano Araujo
Salviano Araujo 2018.10.14 04:04 

Hi Alena, Gratefulness Gratefulness Gratefulness

Yebo Lu
Yebo Lu 2018.10.13 12:20 


So far so good.

Fantastic backtest with eurusd.



Instability,this week continuous stop loss will cause you to lose your account.

fxhh 2018.10.10 22:00 

4MB executable of what ?

Max Brown
Max Brown 2018.10.10 11:16 


Alessandro Mariani
Alessandro Mariani 2018.10.09 09:57 

Sincerly I want to be refounded from this product. Because when I started to use it was still full of bugs, TP didn't work and avoid to run on real for that. When that bug was fixed I runned on real again but I still continued to have much different orders from all the others that have bought it. NZL/USD 2/2 faults. AUD/USD 1/1 fault. EURUSD maybe 50% goal. EURGBP just 1 operation in a month, I trailed stop manually with some profit. Didn't get a single euro from this EA, and Alena promised to send me a new version better working to repair to all this mess, but didn't do that.

-dimitror- 2018.10.04 13:24 

Very good results for now. Thank you.

Tamer Mohamed
Tamer Mohamed 2018.10.04 04:50 

Other junk will go to the bin with the others.

BestSystems 2018.10.03 22:47 

In the end it was not what I expected, it would be great if it was kept updated but it is not, for when you realize that you need to update the spectrum it is too late and you have lost part of the capital, I think the author should be more careful and respectful of your clients 'money, you should not spend so much time watching losses in your clients' accounts being done without doing anything, the other possibility is that the programmer does not know how to update the spectrum well, which would be worst.

Himanshu Manchanda
Himanshu Manchanda 2018.10.01 20:22 

its going great on both Pepperstone and alpari live accounts since i bought from 10sep.. keep it up alena

marc1077 2018.10.01 08:48 

Tested it one month and won 80% of the trades. So Thank you Alena:)

John Brennan
John Brennan 2018.09.30 09:03 

One negative trade in three weeks on live account

Zombachishe 2018.09.26 17:51 

Very good backtest, bouht this ea recently after 2 weeks of renting. Ea works differently for different brokers cause of datafeed, on my broker backtest show 10 pf, ea dont trade often but entry points are accurate. I will update rewiew after some months pass. So far its good.

Updated 30/11/2018 Unstable, Ea is starting to fail, which is means, that it was optimized on history, cause backtest before update was good. The far from last version release - the more money you lose and more bad trades to come. Dont know why ea has 6 pairs if he trade good only on audusd.

Simon Akubue
Simon Akubue 2018.09.21 22:13 


Kudos for this great product.

It's amazing.

@Guys, always look at the backtest to realize that this EA do not open trades daily. Some trades are even held for up to two days. At times, trades are opened once in two week, though with a good winning rate.

Let us give the Developer our support.

Jullfiqur Rahman
Jullfiqur Rahman 2018.09.19 02:41 

Does not live up to its name unfortunately...

Farooq Majoka
Farooq Majoka 2018.09.12 19:28 

Very good trading on eurusd..I guess I will use it for eurusd mostly.

Two trades two profits on eurusd...overall 4 profits and three losses all pairs.

Vincent Visoiu
Vincent Visoiu 2018.09.11 13:50 

An unfinished product for sure and it should not have been released as such. Do you want to put your real money on an EA full of bugs that are being constantly being fixed? I rented the EA 8 days ago as of this writing and I have 3 large losses AUDUSD, USDCAD and EURUSD. Live trading does not match the backtests at all. I am very suspicious about the great backtests. Cherry on top is that there is no live account report :( I will update here as we go along but so far I don't recommend this EA.

Update: Few trades placed. More losers than winners by far. It seems more and more like the typical optimized or curve fit backtest like other questionable EAs. The live performance simply DOES NOT MATCH any backtest! Still highly NOT-recommended. I will update at the end of my rental period.

Sergey Zhuravkov
Sergey Zhuravkov 2018.09.10 12:14 

So, after some time the developer has done everything possible, fixed flaws, Advisor works well! The white list!

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2018.09.07 13:32 

No recomiendo esto.

mobile163 2018.08.29 18:35 


Mike Geesing
Mike Geesing 2018.08.21 04:01 

This is an Amazing EA.

Thanks to the author, for the support and also for sharing the set files for other pairs.

Версия 1.71 2018.11.06
Исправлена ошибка закрытия всех открытых ордеров при перезагрузке терминала.
Версия 1.7 2018.11.06
Исправлена ошибка закрытия всех открытых ордеров при перезагрузке терминала.
Версия 1.6 2018.10.19
1) Корректировка расчета лота в валюте депозита.
2) Добавлена принудительный параметр шага лота.
Версия 1.5 2018.10.18
1) Переработана функция автоматического расчета лота.
2) Добавлен принудительный выбор временного графика для выполнения кода на открытии свечи.
Версия 1.4 2018.10.15
1) Исправлена ошибка шага деления.
2) Оптимизирована валютная пара USDCAD.
3) Оптимизирована валютная пара USDCHF.
4) Добавлены три функции проверки состояния.
Версия 1.3 2018.09.13
1) Переработан механизм работы virtual Take Profit and Stop Loss.
2) Оптимизация торговой стратегии по валютной паре EURUSD.
Версия 1.2 2018.09.10
1) Добавлена дополнительная проверка открытия и закрытия ордера для работы с разными брокерами.
2) Добавлен параметр Slippage .
Версия 1.1 2018.09.03
1) Добавлена валютная пара USDCHF
2) Упрощена схема добавления спектральных характеристик
3) Добавлена функция фактических SL and TP
4) Исправлена ошибка закрытия чужих ордеров