Indicator and Templates

Indicator and Templates

15 апреля 2019, 10:16
Dzmitry Urbanovich

Indicator and Templates


How to add an indicator to the trading platform ?!

1) Download the Zone indicator from the link below.

2) open the terminal and copy the downloaded file into the << File -> Open data catalog -> MQL4 -> indicators >>

3) reboot the terminal

Then the Zone indicator will appear in the window << Navigator -> Indicators >> .

Below are 3 templates with indicator settings for both intraday (short) and longer positions.

1) Download templates

2) open the terminal and copy the downloaded files into the << File -> Open data directory -> templates >>

3) reboot the terminal

Templates do not need to download. You can set the necessary TimeFrame parameters in the indicator settings yourself.

- template N1 - parameters for intraday (short) positions

- template N2 - parameters for middle positions

- Template N3 - parameters for long positions

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Zone.ex4 20 kb
N1.tpl 10 kb
N2.tpl 16 kb
N3.tpl 25 kb
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