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Banev EA

This Expert uses multiple indicators and special algorithm to choose the entry points and provide the maximum Gain with the minimum Risk.

Run the BackTest and check the efficienty of the product.

Working Conditions :

This EA works on all Pairs on 15M Timeframe.

With 1000 $ Balance

Input Parameters :

Trading Mode : Choose between 3 modes.

AutoManagement : The lot will increase with the increasing of the balance.

Trading Lot : The Lot is set manually.

Take Profit : Set it by points.

Spread Filtre : Allow the EA to work only in specificate Spread.

Step : Change the Step Between the orders in case you have more than 01 order.

Maximum Lot : Set the Maximum lot volume according to the Broker used.

Number Of Orders Pair Symbol : Choose your Maximum number of orders on every chart.

Secure My Account : The Trading will close its orders if the Lavel margin go up to the value set.

It's better to choose the low spread pairs.

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