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AMA Adaptive Moving Average Alerts Serie MT4

Signals and Alerts for AMA (Adaptive Moving Average) indicator based on these MQL5 posts: Adaptive Moving Average (AMA) and Signals of the Indicator Adaptive Moving Average.

Note: this tool is based on the code of AMA indicator developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp.


  • The signals are triggered at closing of last bar/opening of a new bar;
  • Any kind of alerts can be enabled: Dialog Box, Email message, SMS notifications for smartphones and tablets, and Sound alerts;
  • Customizable arrows. By default, up arrows are plotted for buying signals and down arrows for selling signals;
  • It works properly at any symbol (no matter how exotic it is) and any timeframe;
  • Compatible with any MetaTrader platform, regardless of the number of digits or other parameters;
  • Compatible with any other tool (indicator, EA or script) without slowing down the terminal performance and the trading operations.

Indicator parameters

  • Arrow Relative Distance - set arrows' distance.
  • Buy/Sell Arrow Code - arrow code from Wingdings font or predefined arrow constant.
  • Enable dialog box - if 'true' enables pop-up alerts.
  • Send email - if 'true' an email message will be sent.
  • Push notification - if 'true' a push notification will be sent to mobile terminals.
  • Play sound - if 'true' a sound will be played.
  • Sound file - selects the sound that will be used by the sound alert.

Report a bug

In case you find any issue related to the program functioning, do not hesitate to submit a report here. Notice that we cannot help you with problems related to your purchases. For these kinds of issues, you must contact MQL5 service desk.

More helpful tools

Find here more indicators with 'Alerts serie' denomination. We'll keep launching new indicators for both MT4 & MT5 with alert features implemented at a low cost. Feel free to ask for any specific indicator that you want to improve with alert features sending us an email to support.team@barmenteros.com with the subject "Request for alerts serie indicator". But don't forget firstly to check if your requirements are not already fulfilled in one of the released indicators.

About Us

We are a team of coders/traders that provide professional programming services for the trading world, mostly —but not only— for MetaTrader platform. Our team has several years of trading the FOREX market and coding MetaTrader tools. We have developed Scripts, Indicators and Expert Advisors for many clients around the world and for our own use.

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