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Martingale or Fixlot !!

Time unit: 1 min

MM Type 1 Mrtingale

MM Type 2 Fixlot

Minimum lever: 1: 500 and or 1: 1000

In the discussions I will add a few sentences right away.

The EA is programmed for EURUSD, but can also be used with other pairs. In this case, the settings must be adjusted!

Wish good luck.

I test on the two accounts relatively many settings so do not wonder if it is more or less one!

Real account

Broker FBS

Server Real 9: 290046195

Password: Invest1

Broker FBS Real 3

Login 230314589

Password: Invest1

The EA is now running for 2 weeks for demonstration !! The EA News Filter works. Make the settings as shown in the illustration.

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