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The main goal of the indicator is to determine the most optimal points of entry and exit from a trade. The indicator consists of three parts.

The first one is arrows displaying the most efficient market entry/exit points. The up arrow is a buy signal, the down arrow is a sell one. The indicator contains an analytical analysis algorithm that includes a set of standard indicator readings, as well as a custom algorithm.

The second part is data in the upper right corner (works on М1-D1 timeframes) on multiple indicators (Stohastic, RSI, MACD, MA) on six periods (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4) of the currency pair. This block provides information about the currency pair on all timeframes based on the values of several indicators.

The third part shows the current arrow direction and a trend power.

The indicator does not redraw its values.

Program Parameters

  • Power - indicator period
  • Alerts - audio alert when a signal appears
  • Show_info - show/hide data
  • EmailAlerts - send notifications by email when a signal emerges
  • MobileAlerts - send notifications to a mobile terminal when a signal emerges
Farooq Majoka
Farooq Majoka 2019.04.06 10:39 

Thanx for the support Pavel and for a good indicator. Cheers!

Jonathan Vodini
Jonathan Vodini 2019.04.02 17:09 

great and very accurate signals, i don't get how this dude has so few reviews on his products... 5 stars!

Evgenij_serg97 2018.04.19 19:59 

This indicator gives excellent signals, for a long time wanted to find such indicator. Thank you for this

iamgold 2018.03.17 15:26 

This is a great indikator, make good profit to me, because it is good to make entry, and it Works for all pair, thanks to the creator, 5 star from me

Versão 3.2 2019.04.05
Вместо параметра Show_info добавлены параметры:
Show_panel - показывать/не показывать панель с показаниями индикаторов
Show_trend - показывать/не показывать информацию о тренде
corner1, corner2 - привязка к углу панели и информации о тренде соответственно (0 - левый верхний, 1 - правый верхний).
Versão 3.1 2019.01.25
Небольшие правки алгоритма
Versão 2.3 2019.01.21
Теперь таймфреймы на панели идут по порядку, также добавлена строка INDIC с показаниями данного индикатора на разных таймфреймах
Versão 2.2 2018.04.25
The indicator has been optimized, 2 parameters have been added:
1. EmailAlerts - whether to send email alerts when a signal emerges
2. MobileAlerts - whether to send push notifications when a signal emerges