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Correct market entries and exits are essential for any Forex trader. MasterArrow indicator addresses this issue. It has no redundant elements and draws only buy/sell arrows. The up arrow is a BUY signal, while the down arrow is a SELL one. The indicator is simple to configure. Change the Strength parameter to configure the signals frequency.

The product is based on standard indicators (MA, RSI, ATR, etc.). But it also features the custom algorithm allowing to combine them into a single tool and coordinate their work. Besides, the indicator contains the candle patterns analysis mechanism allowing it to find better market entry points.


  • Strength - indicator period
  • SoundAlert - audio alert when a signal appears
  • EmailAlert - enable/disable email notifications when a signal appears
  • MobileAlert - enable/disable push notifications when a signal appears

This indicator does not repaint its signals.

dimanep 2018.01.05 20:15 

Nice to see the right direction!