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The Funicular

The Funicular is a functional indicator knowing all the rules of the market and performing constructions more accurate and faster than any professional analyst. 

The Funicular helps you see the exact points of the "entrance", and it draws trends with great accuracy determinig their strength and fluctuation time. The main difference from the others is that it builds lines that are independent of timeframe allowing you to perceive the chart as a whole. Simply put, you need The Funicular, because it is able to show a general picture of the movement of prices on any timeframe.


  • Cash Zone % - zone of favorable transactions in the trend direction;
  • Min length - minimum length of the channel in bars (candles);

Channel width limitation

  • Min (If=0, to OFF) - minimum in points;
  • Max (If=0, to OFF) - maximum in points;

Enable channels

  • Trend Channels - On/Off;
  • Correction Channels - On/Off;
  • Due Channels - On/Off;

Enable drawing

  • Drawing - On/Off.
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