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This indicator is designed to help traders find the market entry and exit points. The indicator generates signals in the form of arrows, which is a simple and intuitive for use in trading. In spite of apparent simplicity of the indicator, it has complicated analytic algorithms which determine entry and exit points. Its operation is based on moving averages, RSI, candlestick patterns, as well as certain original developments. Open a Buy position when an upward arrow appears, and a Sell position when a downward arrow appears. The indicator generates timely entry signals on the current candle.

Indicator input parameters:

  • Strength - indicator period
  • Sound - enable/disable alerts
  • MobileAlert - enable/disable push notifications
  • EmailAlert - enable/disable email alerts

The indicator does not repaint its values. Arrows always stay where they have appeared.

karribs 2018.07.18 20:40 

Good indicator, thanks for your support