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PZ Correlation

In the world of finance, correlation is a statistical measure of how two securities move in relation to each other. Correlations are used in advanced portfolio management. This indicator measures how different securities move in relation to a reference one, thus making portfolio management easier.  [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ]

  • Avoid concurrent trades in highly correlated instruments
  • Find trading opportunities among highly correlated instruments
  • Correlation is positive when two securities rise in price together
  • Correlation is negative when one security increases and the other decreases

The correlation between two securities is measured by a correlation coefficient.

  • A coefficient of zero is neutral correlation
  • A coefficient of 0.3 is low positive correlation
  • A coefficient over 0.8 is high positive correlation
  • A coefficient of -0.3 is low negative correlation
  • A coefficient over -0.8 is high negative correlation
The correlation is calculated against the native symbol of the chart, and the symbols to evaluate are entered as parameters.

    Input Parameters

    • Max History Bars: Amunt of bars to evaluate to the past upon loading.
    • Correlation Period: Amount of bars to use to calculate the correlation.
    • 1st Symbol to 8th Symbol: Enter the symbols to calculate the correlation.


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