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D90 Percent

The indicator was created to make trading very easy to understand. It is based on five moving average crosses and pivot points. Download the "EASY TREND" on my Product list for a more advanced and profiting trades. 

You can trade with this indicator alone and get the maximum out of the market.

If you are a new trader, just open your chart window and install the D90 Percent and follow the instructions here.

The D90 Percent is a win+plus for already matured traders. It makes entry/exit precision very high. 

When you follow the trend this D90 Percent will give you great insight of the best Entry/Exit

(1) The BLUE dots shows strong buy.

(2) The yellow dots shows cautious SELL. (when the trend is generally UP, this signal helps signals short term SELL or gauge the support area for further UP trend)

(3) The RED dots shows strong sell.

(4) The GREEN dots shows cautious buy. (when the trend is generally DOWN, this signal helps signals short term BUY or gauge the resistance area for further DOWN trend)

It is most effective on 15 Min, 30 Min and 1 Hour time frames. For the most perfect trading opportunity of the day use the 15 minutes time frame.

The 30 minutes time frame is second best, while the 1 Hour is third best.

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Versión 1.30 2019.05.21
The up and down arrows were removed and added to "Easy Trend" according to traders request.
Versión 1.20 2019.05.19

The green and yellow line were not very visible, so I updated it to bold line.