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Lib4 EAPadPRO for MT4

Library to add the Information Panel to your Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4.

We can not guarantee that the information and interface of the program will give you a profit on deals, but we will definitely say that even the simplest interface of the program can strengthen the first impression.

Detailed description and instructions for adding our panel to your Expert Advisor are in our blog: LIB - EAPADPRO Step-by-step instruction

Detailed description of our panel and instructions for using EAPADPRO

MetaTrader 5 Library Version

The process of adding consists of 10 steps and they are described in detail in our article.

Installing the Library

  1. Install the library from this site;
  2. Open your Expert Advisor;
  3. Open our sample and step-by-step guide to installing our code, the file Exp - EAPADPRO LIBRARY TEST (Can be found in the blog);
  4. Do each Step as written in the recommendation or use our step-by-step instruction from the site.
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EAPADPRO personalization

All that you can change in our panel is described in this paragraph:

  1. versionea - The version of your Expert Advisor that is displayed in the panel;
  2. BMPLOGO - the logo of your BMP 60x60 adviser that is displayed on the panel;
  3. icon - The icon of your expert, which is displayed in the properties of the expert;
  4. defEANAME - the name of your Expert Advisor that is displayed in the panel;
  5. YourName - your name or nickname that is displayed in the panel;
  6. copyright - Your copyright, which is displayed in the properties of the Expert Advisor;
  7. CreateInputs - The function of displaying your external variables on the panel. There are 10 such parameters in total. The format of the filling: "Name", "Value";
  8. CreateStrategy - The function of displaying your strategy values on the panel. There are 10 such parameters in total. The format of the filling: "Name", "Value";
  9. MagicForEaPadPRO = 0 - Magic number, which will be watched by our panel (All information is filtered by magic number), at -1 = the panel will take all positions from the account by this symbol, at 0 = only manual (Hand) deals;
  10. MagicForEaPadPRO_Open = -1 - Magic number, which will be assigned to the positions opened from our panel;
  11. CommentForEaPadPRO = "" - A comment that will be assigned to positions opened from our panel;
  12. TypeFillingForEaPadPRO = 0 - Type of fill orders at opening, only for terminal MT5;
  13. ShowBuySell = true - Show the "trading panel in 1 click" (BUY SELL)

You can also set external variables:

  1. ShowEaPadPro = true;
  2. FontName = "Roboto";
  3. Notice_Open_NameSound = "ok";
  4. Notice_Close_NameSound = "request";
  5. Notice_Modify_NameSound = "stops";
  6. Notice_Error_NameSound = "alert2";

Terms of Use

Our library with the information panel EAPADPRO is distributed on the back link to our page.

If you wish to sell your expert in the market or on the Internet, you need to add the following text to the description of your product:

  1. The EAPADPRO information graphic panel was developed by the Expforex team.
  2. All rights to this EAPADPRO panel belong to Vladislav Expforex.
  3. The author of the EAPADPRO information panel is not responsible for the advisor or indicator that uses our panel.
  4. Our EAPADPRO panel is designed solely for the purpose of providing additional information about trading on your account.
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Versión 19.104 2019.01.05
Повторное обновление
Versión 19.103 2019.01.04
- Update EAPADPRO v 25
- Additional languages ​​added to the panel: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Chinese, Japanese;
   The translation was made using the GOOGLE Translator + MQL + Terminal site!
   If you find an error in your language, please report it in messages. Thank!
 - Increase the speed of the panel;
 - Updating data on the block "Profit by Date" works 1 time in 5 minutes to save computer resources;
 - Fixed "duplication" of lines in the help and greeting;
 - Automatic closing of the panel 3 hours after the last use to save computer resources;
 - Automatic closing of the panel on the VPS from METAQUOTES to save resources MQL VPS;
 - Added the ability to Collapse / Expand the panel when you double-click on the window title (Analog Windows);
 - By default, we collapsed the Extra Buttons block;
Versión 18.988 2018.12.05
Global update to version 23

- Auto-save notification settings on a DEMO account.
- Disable notifications on the Real account by default.
- Added check of the status of PUSH notifications, if they are enabled in the terminal settings.
- Added the ability to enable / disable the creation of screenshots in the settings of the Screenshot panel for Open / Close.
- Screenshots are created in the folder of your terminal \ Files \ Name of the expert \, with a size of 1024 * 768.
- Added a variable in the AutoMinimize panel settings in seconds (60 seconds by default) 0 - disabled.
- Automatic minimization of the EAPADPRO window after a specified number of seconds to reduce the load on the computer when the user does not interact with the schedule.
- Any inaction on the chart: click on the chart, click on objects, change the size of the graphs - leads to the automatic minimization of the window of our EAPADPRO panel.
- If the window is in focus (selected) - automatic folding is disabled!
- To disable auto minimization - set the panel settings in the field AutoMinimize = 0.
- Added a control unit and control the speed of the quotes and the speed of testing.
The speed is divided into 10 values. These values ​​depend on the standard speed of the strategy tester in the terminal.
1 - Slow, 10 - Quick!
- Added PAUSE button - You can pause testing and operation of the simulator.
- Added CheckBox and the ability to set a pause after opening a position (activation of a pending order, opening a new position) or closing
positions. If the position has been opened or closed, the simulator automatically pauses. To continue the work of the simulator, press the START button!
- Added block output table open deals and positions. This block allows you to monitor current positions without reference to the terminal
report. By default, this block is hidden, you can activate it by clicking on the corresponding arrow!

.... and much more