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Three MA Alert

The Three MA Alert indicator sends notification to your mobile device, to email and displays a pop-up alert with sound when Three Moving Averages Crossover. It’s a widely used technique that always keep you on the right side of the trend. You never trade against the prevailing trend.

Three MA Alert indicator will simplify your trading life. You do not need to sit and wait until Crossover Moving Averages. You can freely spend your time with your family until notification comes to your mobile device and play sound alert. The Indicator default settings, which are perfectly suitable for EUR/USD 30 min and above time frames.

The amazing FREE feature is, it's grab real volume information of candle to identify the battle between buyers and sellers as a percentage of the total volume and display on the chart. That information will used for confirm breakouts, trend and identify reversal before entering a trade.


  • Most popular MA strategy based
  • Send notification to mobile device, email and display pop-up alert with sound
  • Email alert includes Time-frame, Signal, Time, Bid, Ask, Spread, Account Balance, Account Equity and Account Profit
  • Each notification Activate/ Deactivate function
  • Draw signals quickly on the chart
  • Display the battle between buyers and sellers as a percentage of the total volume
  • Font, font size and color of the items can customize for better view


  • Fast Moving Average Parameters
    • MA Period - Moving Average Period (Default: 10)
    • MA Shift - Moving Average Shift (Default: 0)
    • MA Method - Moving Average Smoothing Methods (Default: Simple)
      • Simple - Simple Averaging
      • Exponential - Exponential Averaging
      • Smoothed - Smoothed Averaging
      • Linear-Weighted - Linear-Weighted Averaging
    • MA Apply to - Moving Average Price Constants (Default: Typical price, (HLC/3))
      • Close Price - Close Price
      • Open Price - Open Price
      • The Maximum Price - The Maximum Price For The Period
      • The Minimum Price - The Minimum Price For The Period
      • Median price, (HL/2) - Median Price, (high + low)/2
      • Typical price, (HLC/3) - Typical Price, (high + low + close)/3
      • Weighted close price, (HLCC/4) - Weighted Close Price, (high + low + close + close)/4
    • MA Line Style - Moving Average Trend Line Style
    • MA Line Color - Moving Average Trend Line Color
    • MA Line Width - Moving Average Trend Line Width
  • Normal Мoving Average Parameters
    • MA Period - Moving Average Period (Default: 25)
    • (Other parameter descriptions are common)
  • Slow Мoving Average Parameters
    • MA Period - Moving Average Period (Default: 100)
    • (Other parameter descriptions are common)
  • Alert Filters
    • Email Alert On - Activate/ Deactivate email alerts
    • Pop Up Alert On - Activate/ Deactivate pop up message alert
    • Mobile Alert On - Activate/ Deactivate push notifications to your mobile device
    • Draw Signal On - Activate/ Deactivate draw arrow signals on the chart
    • Draw Previous Signals On - Activate/ Deactivate previous signals on the chart
    • Wait For Candle Close - Delay notification until close the candle
  • Graphic parameters
    • History - Amount of bars for draw history data
    • Arrow Distance - Distance for draw arrow from candle high/low
    • Buy Arrow Character - Character for buy signal (Wingdings)
    • Sell Arrow Character - Character for sell signal (Wingdings)
    • Display Corner - Which corner uses to show Information panel on the chart
    • Display Y Distance - Distance from top to bottom
    • Label X Distance - Distance from left to right for all labels
    • Data X Distance - Distance from left to right for data
    • Font - Font family for information panel
    • Font Size - Size of font
    • Buy Color - Color of buy arrow
    • Sell Color - Color of sell arrow
    • Label Color - Color of all labels on Information panel
    • Volume Display - Activate/ Deactivate Candle Volume

In order for Email Alert, Enable sending emails in the MT4 Options. Also, specify the email login and password in the settings. For example, if you use the Gmail,

  • SMTP server - smtp.gmail.com
  • SMTP login - Email address
  • SMTP password - Email password
  • From - Same email address
  • To - Same email address again.

More details on setting up email notifications can be found here.

In order for Push Notifications, install the mobile version of MetaTrader and specify its MetaQuotes ID in the MT4 Options. More details on setting up push notifications can be found here.

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Versión 1.3 2018.11.14
1. Optimized signal parameters for quick notifications.
2. Added new parameter for change Buy/Sell arrows.
3. Updated the product logo.
Versión 1.2 2018.01.12
1. Now it shows preview crossover points by drawing arrow icons.
2. Arrow icon can change.
3. Removed "BUY SIGNAL", "SELL SIGNAL" Comments on the chart.
Versión 1.1 2017.12.25
1. Draw Moving average trend lines on the chart.
2. Save arrow signals.