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Super Volume Trend

The Super Volume Trend indicator uses a set of algorithms and indicators. The purpose of this indicator is to find healthy trends with specific volume movements. It uses some filtering systems to find these trends.

The indicator is easy to use, simple and understandable. This is a standalone trend indicator which does not need additional indicators. Users can apply it together with other indicators that are appropriate to their strategy.

Suggestions and working style

  • The period settings have been adjusted as desired, the indicator bars should be expected to pass the signal level line.
  • If the blue bars are closing above the signal level line, the uptrend starts.
  • If the red bars are closing on the signal level line, the downtrend starts.
  • By means of the warning features, it notifies you of all the bars that are on the signal level line as a warning.
  • In addition to reminders, there are email and mobile application alerts.


  • Period - standard period
  • Forceperiod - force period setting is made from the ground up
  • Signal_level - signal level
  • AlertsOn - alert on/off. If this feature is active, it works on other warnings
  • AlertsOnCurrent - alerts current on/off
  • Alerts message - alerts message on/off
  • AlertsSound - alerts sound on/off
  • AlertsEmail - alerts mail on/off
  • AlertsNotification - alerts notification on/off
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