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Pan PrizMA Sin leverage 72 - indicador para MetaTrader 4

Aleksey Panfilov | Spanish English Português 日本語 Deutsch

votos: 11
2019.04.01 20:23
2019.06.27 19:07

The indicator draws a moving line based on interpolation by a polynomial of 4 degrees. Built line extrapolate a sine wave and its axial or nearly constant line_power=2, or around an inclined straight line_power=3 (redrawn for the visualization of building). 

One value on each bar is removed from the constructed sine and axial ones and a line of extrapolated values is drawn, which is not redrawn.


External variable:

line_power - degree of the extrapolated lines;

leverage - the leverage of removing the value for the resulting line. Set far back from the first moving line;

multiplier-multiplier. If it is zero, then the value is removed from the axial, if it is equal to one then from the sine wave, if it is equal to minus one then from the point of the mirror sine wave through the axial. It can take any value.

line4_SHIFT - offset of the resulting line of extrapolated values;

interval - multiplies the averaging leverage.

Refinement of the indicator from the theme:  Разностное исчисление, примеры.

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