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Looking for an expert and professional who can replace Binary bot code in XML format into Expert advisor in MQL4 to work perfectly without errors. Kindly bid if you are an expert at this, Thanks
500+ USD
i want to build a website to let all people backtest their ea on our website with news filter. i google search cannot find any solution how to backtest ea on news filter. so if we create a website to let people upload their ea file, then have option see which news want to avoid, example avoid usd big impact news = TRUE avoid usd medium impact news = TRUE avoid usd small impact news = FALSE avoid cad big impact news =
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30+ USD
I made a code in Pinescript I would like to copy in NT8 and add some deltas to it. It's simple coding, 4 lines of codes, pretty basic ones. What is the delivery time? Bond chart - ZB value= security("ZN1!*3-ZB1!", timeframe. period, close) period = input(10) bull = value[0] > lowest(nz(value[1]), period) and close[0] < lowest(nz(close[1]), period) bear = value[0] < highest(nz(value[1]), period) and close[0] >
30+ USD
Hi, I want only have closing info on my telegram channel of my MT4 account like this : It is possible ? Please kindly bid if you know you are an expert at this Thank you
30+ USD
I'm looking for a MT4 programmer or script writer. I have a couple of lazy robots that work great when they are trading. They do not start a trade by themselves unless they are already trading. They are on live charts and work great AFTER they start trading, but I can have the chart open all day and nothing happens until I switch profiles to another pair and come back to them. I have to "wake them up" to get them to
30 - 200 USD
Hey all, Happy New Year at the beginning :) I've got a small problem with my EA. As I try to start it in my MT4 platform, I get an error in expert journal - global initialization failed & invalid EX4 file (7). Would like to get in touch with a person, who would solve my problem. Thanks and have a nice day
50 - 100 USD
The indicator has a complex algorithm that scans the chart to detect previous levels of consolidation and bounce of the price, which will likely act as support and resistance levels in the future. the indicator must be showing two kind of levels on the chart : Major and Minor Levels Major levels are to be drawn based on the higher time frame selected for example 1D and these level must be visible on all time frames
50 - 100 USD
the indicator must be able to identify different candle stick patterns on the chart selected and send a notification and also draw an arrow with name of the type of the candle stick pattern found. the indicator should offer customisable interface which allow to control which type of pattern to show on the chart. as well as the sensitivity of the pattern. further specs to be provided on the chat
30+ USD
Hi we need a conversion. can we show a Python strategy on our react page chart? if yes, we will need help in doing some conversion Kindly bid if you are an expert at this
30 - 200 USD
The EA is based on 5 indicators, it must be able to trade forex, crypto, commodities and indices charts and also be able to automatically choose lot sizes based on percentage of equity it's allowed to risk per trade.I have the both text and videos explaining my strategy. I will attach one of the text files below. Have a look and let me know your budget
30+ USD
Hello, I want to create a indicator on my strategy. But it is not like every other Strategy. Its without indicators. It is based on liquidity, time, price. It is very difficult to write it down because there are many factors. Thank you
50+ USD
//--- input parameters input int ma_period=20; // moving average period //--- handle of the indicator used in the EA int indicator_handle; //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Expert initialization function | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ int OnInit() { //--- check ma_period validity if(ma_period<=0) { PrintFormat("Invalid
30 - 150 USD
مشخصات مورد نیاز خود را در اینجا نقطه به نقطه مشخص کنید. سعی کنید الزامات خود را به طور مختصر و واضح توصیف کنید تا توسعه دهنده بالقوه شما بتواند پیچیدگی و هزینه آن و همچنین زمان اجرای مورد نیاز را به درستی ارزیابی کند. یک توصیف بد یا خیلی کلی منجر به نادیده گرفتن سفارش شما می شود یا زمان زیادی را صرف مذاکره درباره جزئیات با هر متقاضی می کنید. به یاد داشته باشید: Remember: It is better to spend thirty minutes to
100+ USD
I am looking for a developer to build an indicator for Ninja Trader 8. The indicator is a combination of moving averages and a custom indicator from tradingview - source code provided. Buy condition - if MA1 is above MA2 and MA2 is above MA3 plus custom indicator buy signal Sell Condition = if MA1 is below MA2 and MA2 is below MA3 plus custom indicator sell signal Further details provided
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Ea (tâches personnelles)
70+ USD
Hi. settings attached says i need to put 30 words :/ so if you will have any questions let me know :) should be 30 words by now haha thanks
30+ USD
Hello there, I need an indicator to plot the following on any timeframe chart MTF POC - reference 30 minutes 10 days for a month. POC – reference 30 minutes 10 days for last month 21 ema daily and weekly. I want the line to go across the chart I need these to be plotted on any time frame also, I want the current POC column for the watchlist. poc= point of control so basically I am looking for MTF POC thanks
30+ USD
Hi i have a MT4 indicator code and I want to transform it to thinkswim to perform same functions as the mt4 indicator So kindly bid if you are an expert at this area as i wont respond to text of anyone who is not align with what i want Thanks
30+ USD
Hello, Maybe we can do some business :) I have a strategy written in pinescript (tradingview). Can you convert it in python as a freqtrade strategy? Kindly bid if you are an expert at this so we discuss better about project requirements...Thanks
50+ USD
I need an expert developer that is currently free and will respond to message quickly to come and help me convert my MT4 expert advisor to tradingview indicator . Be sure that you are good at this before bidding for this project
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