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He puts forth great work!!! Very responsive and I appreciate the way he Pays attention tp detail. I'm looking forward to continuing working with him in the future


I would like an EA made that uses the strat assistant indicator as well as super order block, smart money, concepts. as well as having chat GPT or any type of artificial intelligence to also learn to market and take in news feeds. If possible, I would like the ETA to open virtual trades in the background before actually placing real life trades. I would like to be able to use the EA to pass prop firm challenges as well as manage live funded accounts. To have a trailing stop loss to lock in profits. Instead of averaging up when in a losing trend I would rather for it to average down so it can have minimum losses if any is taken. I would like for it to be able to manage any timeframe. 


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I need a forex robot based on Chart pattern and price action. I want my robot to be 99.9% profitable, accurate and must be able to trade news, events and latest developments. I want a situation where once I put the robot on the chart it must analyze the past and current movements of markets before taking any trades. My robot must be able to work on forex, indices, metals and take trades on any of these timeframes
My name is rabia from Pakistan and I am good in freelancer work I am expert in writing work also in translate sentences Urdu to English I also catchout the grammerl mistake in an article
Looking for a EA that allows web requests and connects to the web to learn about the pairs, news and trade after learning.. it should be able to give suggestions and advance analysis. please send in your proposals
Hello guys please i need sample test copy before we proceed to payment,i dont like arbitration. Please create simple ea for with this indicator.let ea trade all pairs including gold. RED arrow = OPEN SELL BLUE arrow = OPEN BUY Setting; 1. magic number 2. lot size 3. take profit 4. spreads filter 5. stoploss ;stoploss should apply to all orders even grid orders. 6. Trailing stop ; should apply to all orders even
Modify my EA 30 - 40 USD
I have a Hit and run EA but I want to modify it, I need a professional developer for this project. it opens automatic buy or sell orders. for example: i give it order to open up to 10 orders the ea runs always with the first position hits and takes tp
I need this to be replicated with addition of implementing the improvement suggested in the articles. code in MQL5 with OpenCL friendly code This indicator will be use as component of EA that I'm creating, so code must be clean and properly marked-up. Details will be provided to shortlisted candidates. Thanks
if there is any developer that can develop an ICT/SMT strategy for an EA please message me. only experience developers only. respectfully. experience and communication are a must. no time to be wasted
Robot doesn’t trade itself, just measures trend and flat periods under ADX Wilder indicator. Inputs (there are two inputs only): ADX Wilder period – number of periods (note – NOT “ADX WILDER MA PERIOD”) ADX Wilder ROC - in minutes Robot compares current ADX Wilder value and compared this with ADX Wilder value in pre-defined time ago (ADX Wilder ROC). If “current ADX Wilder value” – “ADX Wilder value in pre-defined
Need a Master Developer who knows how to code both INDICATOR and EXPERT ADVISORS with algorithms based on logic. This project is for the developer who is fast paced and can complete the project within 3 days. The project will include modification of the current Expert Advisor with the indicator given. Making sure the indicator is working properly and functioning where it can be used to be the main component of the
Market Pattern EA 40 - 50 USD
Hello, I have a Trap Play Pattern indicator that paint trap plays on the chart. I want to make an EA from the signals. Rules on screenshot. I want the EA to trade when a Trap Play pattern is formed that also close on the opposite side of the 8 EMA. I want the EA to stay in the trade until price CLOSE on the opposite side of the 8 EMA..AND I want to have an option to close the trade after for example 5 candles after

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30 - 500 USD
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