User ratings systems seems to be "broken"!

Lorentzos Roussos  
Fernando Carreiro:
I really don't understand the user rating system on this site, supposedly based on our "Achievements".

On Tuesday/Wednesday my rating was 11111. On Wednesday/Thursday it was 10955 and today it is 10892.

Besides regularly reading and posting, the ratings are going downwards instead of upwards.

Its okay though , we know how valuable you are :) 

These occur after "items" are deleted , in my experience.

Items could be products , code , articles , posts , threads , responses etc . 

It would be interesting (as an experiment only , it has no value) for these points to be minted on an ethereum erc-20 token .

Like so : 

  • Turn the rating into pending and minted . The pending is held on this server (as is) and the minted is the token on ethereum . Let's call it MQR
  • When you turn pending into MQR , the MQR smart contract mints MQR and sends it to your wallet . (the wallet is connected to your profile ,optionally)
  • That process requires fees so its triggered via the user via which means there would have to be web3 capable parts on the site 
  • When the pending turns to MQR , the pending is reset to 0 , so your profile now displays 10K MQR read directly from the chain
  • We are assuming no malpractice or cheating or favorability toward certain users etc from the pending part of the system for this 
  • Now , there are NFT's that represent community rewards . You can mint those with spending MQR , there are tiers , like with the rewards , again , the fees 
    are on the user , so , mint through mql5 through web3 capable section.
    An alternative would be Soulbound NFTs but then mql5 would have to bear the fees to distribute those.
  • When i like your post pending is taken from my stack and sent to yours 
  • The way rating is distributed remains to distribute pending 

Pros : 

  • At some point someone will start a liquidity pool on a decentralized exchange for MQR , this will attract new users potentially people who are new in trading to see how MQR is minted ,and will bring quite a few of them on the community , freelance , market signals etc.
  • The rating rewards is back and mql5 does not have to spend $ to sustain it.

Cons : 

  • Pending and MQR farming.
  • Potentially lots of spam to deal with and a plethora of off-topic posts.
  • Strain on the servers that has a $ cost. 
Fernando Carreiro  
Lorentzos Roussos #: Its okay though , we know how valuable you are :) 

🤣 That is the best answer ever! Thank you for the complement!

To be honest, my post was more about a indirect rant of how I perceive the rating system to be flawed and of little value to the forum.

It does not effectively deter spammers and it also does not effectively encourage the community either.

I don't really know what the best solution should be, but I do know that it is flawed and that there are better methods used on other forums that would be a better fit.