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Simple question (hopefully)

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retnuh 2015.05.06 22:52 

So am I having difficulty assessing my risk if I was to subscribe to a signal. Now I obviously know there's always risk when someone controls my money. All that aside I'm trying to figure out the maximum drawdown in relation to the MAE in the risks chart. So I guess my question is what does maximum drawdown actually represent? And how does that relate to the MAE's of the trades I'm seeing.


For instance I'm seeing a max draw down on an account with 40% but when I hover over it's only coming out to 100 USD on the balance/equity but the signals actual equity is roughly around 2,000 USD. The lowest MAE recorded was 200 USD. So am I correct to assume that at the point he had that trade sitting at -200 USD was actually when he only had roughly 600 in equity resulting in the 40% drawdown?

Also I heard it is possible to manipulate your drawdown, if that is true is there a way to tell who has been manipulating their drawdown and who hasn't? 

Sorry if this makes no sense. If it doesn't just let me know and I'll try and figure out a way to re-word this. 

Thanks in advance! 

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