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MT5 installation problem

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graziani 2015.05.04 18:33 

Hi all,

I am trying to install MT5 on a clean computer, with win 7 64-bit enterprise, but I can't install it into desired location.

If I use MT5 b1100 installation from, it installs 64-bit version in 'program files' after specifying the proxy. So it doesn't allow me to choose the installation location, but it works. 

If I use MT5 b1100 installation from a broker, it allows me to choose the installation location, but wherever I install it, it doesn't work (proxy server test failed - it cannot connect).


So it seems that I can install only one instance on this computer, in the standard location.

Dr.Trader 2015.05.04 21:17  

Try this: 

Open metatrader5 which can connect, go to tools-options-server tab. Click on the  "Proxy"  button, copy all settings that you have in a popup window.

Open metatrader5 in your desired location,  go to tools-options-server tab, check the "enable proxy server" checkbox, then press "proxy" button and paste settings from working mt5. Confirm all changes, restart mt5 and it probably will connect.

graziani 2015.05.05 10:43  

restart didn't help (already tried it before), neither did copying of working instance to desired location.

after that I tried some old installation, and after few restarts and running with & without '/portable' switch, it finally accepted the proxy and now it's in the desired location and on the b1108 level.

Also while installing i used 'run as administrator' although account has administrator privileges.

thanks for assistance. 

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