optimiser not making sense


I ran the optimiser on my EA. I have several variables (stop loss, take profit and three others). 

The optimiser showed me tasty profits on various currency pairs, so I noted the values it had chosen and hard-coded them into the EA.

Then I just ran it on the strategy tester without optimising, but with the new values.

It showed a tiny profit on one currency pair and losses on the others !

This is the first time ith the strategy tester and optimiser but it makes no sense to me.

Am I missing something ? Why don't they agree with each other ?

This is really important to me because if the optimiser is telling the truth I can quit my day job but if the hard coded values are telling the real truth thn my EA is useless !

Many thanks

The Fundamentals of Testing in MetaTrader 5
The Fundamentals of Testing in MetaTrader 5
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