Build autotrading BOT - Renko chart

Hi everyone, sorry for my bad English.

I'm new to the world of trading and c++ programming (just started a book to learn).

Following the guides I was able to compile a mq5 file which draws a second Renko chart below the main EURUSD. (Https://

Thanks to this graph I was able to make good profits with a demo account by trading manually.
Now I would like to take the next step and program a bot that buys when a blue square appears and sells when a red square appears.

I can't understand how to compile an EA that does this automatically.

Can you help me?
Thank you.
Indicator for Renko charting
Indicator for Renko charting
The name "Renko" is derived from the Japanese word "renga", a brick. Renko chart is constructed from a series of bricks whose creation is determined by fluctuations in price. When a price rises, an up brick is placed on the chart and, with drop of prices a down brick is added. "Renko" means a "slow pace" in Japanese. The Renko chart appeared in...
Tian Yu Li  

i have ever built some renko EAs before, 

please talk to me , maybe i can help you