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New article Neural networks made easy (Part 7): Adaptive optimization methods has been published: In previous articles, we used stochastic gradient descent to train a neural network using the same learning rate for all neurons within the network. In this article, I propose to look towards adaptive
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Hedging_Zone_Recovery_Area: This is my version of Zone Recovery Hedging Strategy Ea with two moving averages. It works on any time frame, you should try it on demo account. Zone Recovery is an advanced hedging system. When the market goes against you by certain number of pips, you open an...
New article The Channel Breakout pattern has been published: Price trends form price channels that can be observed on financial symbol charts. The breakout of the current channel is one of the strong trend reversal signals. In this article, I suggest a way to automate the process of finding such...
2 MA Channel Breakout: Trend following system with breakout of different EMA as entry signal and SL and a breakout of highest high and lowest low as TP. Author: BELLINIGI
Export to Excel in Real Time: Export text to Excel in real time using native DDE library provided by Windows Author: sangmane
New article Neural networks made easy (Part 5): Multithreaded calculations in OpenCL has been published: We have earlier discussed some types of neural network implementations. In the considered networks, the same operations are repeated for each neuron. A logical further step is to utilize
Hidden StopLoss: This library is made for experts that need to calculate StopLoss and TakeProfit without putting SL/TP points on the trade. Author: Peter Eskander
New article The "All or Nothing" Forex Strategy is published: The purpose of this article is to create the most simple trading strategy that implements the "All or Nothing" gaming principle. We don't want to create a profitable Expert Advisor - the goal is to increase the initial deposit several...
shell sort - array sorting algorithm : an in-place comparison sort Author: DMITRII PECHERITSA
Symbol Watermark With Timeframe: This indicator will display a symbol watermark on the chart background, showing the timeframe and symbol name in large font. Author: Ron
New article Modeling time series using custom symbols according to specified distribution laws has been published: The article provides an overview of the terminal's capabilities for creating and working with custom symbols, offers options for simulating a trading history using custom symbols, trend...
Adaptive Moving Average - generalized version with floating levels: Adaptive Moving Average - generalized version with floating levels Author: Mladen Rakic
Harmonic Pattern Finder V2: Indicator to display existent and emerging harmonic chart patterns. Author: Andre Enger
PivotPointsLines _v1.1 : Draws Pivot Points Level Lines for formula's Floor,Fibonacci,Camarilla,Woodie Author: NickBixy
Arrows & Curves: Arrows & Curves indicator. Author: John Smith 
indicator for day trading 5 min chart: This is useful if you want to earn and work on 5 min chart . it uses bb , ma 10, ma50 , Psar, slow s, one faster s and macd along with rsi to give a perfect view of market . if you need some help let me know in the comments. Only works in mq4 language .just
Angry Bird (Scalping): Expert Advisor inspired by Ilan 1.6. It uses the iCCI(CCI, Commodity Channel Index), iRSI(RSI, Relative Strength Index) indicators. Author: Vladimir Karputov
ZigZag Semaphore (semfore) Indicator: This indicator places a mark (a semaphore) at the zig zag for each of 4 zig zag evaluation lengths. Author: LukeB
Entropy: The indicator that demonstrates the power of price changes entropy. The entropy is the measure of the disorder of the system. The entropy is calculated using the Maximum Entropy Method. If we try to evaluate it according to its indicative attributes without paying much attention to its...
i-SpectrAnalysis_OsMA: The indicator is an example of smoothing a time series of the OsMA indicator by filtering harmonics of higher order. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Monitoring-Spread: Its an instrument for spread monitoring for a real and synthetic currency pairs. Author: getch
Parabolic SAR Expert: Classic strategy based on Parabolic SAR indicator. With Auto Lot options and Trailing Stop. The EA is automatically generated with Mission Automate - visual strategy builder. More info: Author: Andrey Barinov
Statement To Chart: Just a simple script , that reads the HTML file a report , or detailed report , and draws a transaction from it on the chart Author: Rustamzhan Salidzhanov
New article Developing stock indicators featuring volume control through the example of the delta indicator has been published: The article deals with the algorithm of developing stock indicators based on real volumes using the CopyTicks() and CopyTicksRange() functions. Some subtle aspects of...
Volatility quality - zero line: Short description. Author: Mladen Rakic
Hurst Exponent: The Hurst Exponent is used as a measure of long-term memory of time series. It relates to the autocorrelations of the time series, and the rate at which these decrease as the lag between pairs of values increases. Studies involving the Hurst exponent were originally developed...
Fibonacci Potential Entry - MT5 : The 8 effective steps to build a robust day trading plan using Fibonacci retracement Author: Forex Jarvis
Laguerre: Trend strength indicator based on the Laguerre adaptive filter. It was created by John Ehlers - the expert who applied digital signals processing methods to futures trading. Technical Papers section of his web site contains plenty of examples of the method use. Laguerre indicator shows...
New article Timeseries in DoEasy library (part 57): Indicator buffer data object has been published: In the article, develop an object which will contain all data of one buffer for one indicator. Such objects will be necessary for storing serial data of indicator buffers. With their help, it will be
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SHI Channel true: Indicator SHI_Channel_true shows Barishpolts dynamic moving channels in the chart in automated mode. Author: Collector