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Draw vertical lines at time: A simple indicator to draw vertical lines at specified time in the settings. Author: Conor Dailey
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FMOneEA: FMOneEA is a scalping Expert Advisor based on ZigZag and MACD indicators. Author: 3rjfx
AutoFib TradeZones: Auto updating fib retracer showing zones for range trading/breakouts. Author: Benjamin Joshua Nash
Trix oscillator with support / resistance lines on chart: Trix oscillator with support / resistance lines on chart Author: Mladen Rakic
RSI with on chart SR levels: RSI with on chart SR levels Author: Mladen Rakic
Astro Indicators: Show the aspect of two planets, the declination of planets or just the Body position. Author: Jens
ALGLIB - Numerical Analysis Library: ALGLIB math function library (v. 3.5.0) ported to MQL4. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
BrainTrendSignalAlerts indicator for MetaTrader 4.: Software is the modifying indicator base on BrainTrend2SigALERTS by BrainTrading Inc.with Signal and Alert, email alert and option to display trader info and signal.Hopefully useful for fellow traders. Author: Roberto Jacobs
Multi Timeframe Bollinger Bands: This is a multi timeframe indicator for Bollinger Bands. With it you can plot the Bollinger Bands of the higher timeframes without changing the current chart. This allows you to more clearly understand the price context by seeing the levels of the other timeframes on...
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Grid assistant: The Expert Advisor is designed for placing managing grids. Author: Vladimir Khlystov
FiboRetracementLevels.mq4: Fibonacci Retracement Levels indicator draws Fibonacci Retracement Levels on the trading chart. Author: 3rjfx
Hull MACD: Developed by Gerald Appel in the late seventies, the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence oscillator (MACD) is one of the simplest and most effective momentum indicators available. The MACD turns two trend-following indicators, Moving Averages, into a momentum oscillator by...
Corrected double smoothed Wilder's EMA (extended version): Corrected double smoothed Wilder's EMA (extended version) Author: Mladen Rakic
Corrected double smoothed Wilder's EMA: Corrected double smoothed Wilder's EMA Author: Mladen Rakic
New article EA remote control methods has been published: The main advantage of trading robots lies in the ability to work 24 hours a day on a remote VPS server. But sometimes it is necessary to intervene in their work, while there may be no direct access to the server. Is it possible to manage EAs...
New article Simple Methods of Forecasting Directions of the Japanese Candlesticks has been published: Knowing the direction of the price movement is sufficient for getting positive results from trading operations. Some information on the possible direction of the price can be obtained from the...
RSI vs BB: This is the semaphore indicator with arrows based on BB and RSI. Author: Yurij Izyumov
Super Trend updated and simpler code: This is just another version of the well known Super Trend indicator.The code is simplified but it has the same output on the chart screen. Author: Keith Watford
New article Interview with Rogério Figurelli (ATC 2012) is published: Today we are going to talk with Rogério Figurelli (figurelli), a regular participant from Brazil that has not missed any Automated Trading Championship since 2007. This year, he also began to sell his Championship's Expert...
TRIX using Wilder's double smoothed EMA - floating levels: TRIX using Wilder's double smoothed EMA - with an addition of floating levels Author: Mladen Rakic
TRIX (using double smoothed Wilder's EMA): Short description. Author: Mladen Rakic
Gap DM: The Expert Advisor waits for a gap at the bar opening. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Example of A Simple Breakout Trading Robot: Example of a simple breakout trading robot.There are a lot of breakout methods, but this is the simplest one as I think.Please see the attached images to visualize what is the breakout trading... Author: Mohammad Soubra
Donchian Channels: Donchian Channels is a volatility indicator based on the calculation of the current price range with the help of the recent highest and lowest prices. All that is needed to calculate the Channel is to find the highest maximum and the lowest minimum for a definite period....
Wilson Relative Price Channel - mod: Wilson Relative Price Channel - modification Author: Mladen Rakic
Modify SL TP: This script is used to modify Stop Loss and Take Profit of position. Author: Ziheng Zhuang
Time Based Moving Averages: Very handy Multiple Moving Averages for those who like to look at Price Action using several time periods... Author: Minions Labs
Macd Power: "Macd Power" trades with 2 " Macd " indicators has virtual Stop Loss & Take Profit works on 4H & 1D time frames major forex pairs and stocks NASDAQ. Author: Aharon Tzadik
Entry Hour Stochastic Trader: The One Hour Stoc Trader uses a simple trigger criteria of: Stochastic rising while in Over-Sold zone (stocval<Stoc_Lo) and specific hour of day for Buy trades; and Stochastic falling while in Over-Bought zone (stocval>Stoc_Hi) and specific hour of day for Sell...
Close All: This scrip will close all your open positions in your MT4. You just need to drag it to the chart. Author: George Alexander