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New article LifeHack for trader: "Quiet" optimization or Plotting trade distributions has been published: Analysis of the trade history and plotting distribution charts of trading results in HTML depending on position entry time. The charts are displayed in three sections - by hours, by days of the...
Attractive Market Watch List for Potential Entries : Are you tired and lost when it comes to creating an attractive market watch list ? You always see pro traders creating an attractive market watch list in which they draw support/resistance and create all possible scenario ? Well we will guide you
New article Managing the MetaTrader Terminal via DLL has been published: The article deals with managing MetaTrader user interface elements via an auxiliary DLL library using the example of changing push notification delivery settings. The library source code and the sample script are attached to...
New article Offline Charts in the New MQL4 has been published: Updated MQL4 has the new format for storing historical data and provides the appropriate MqlRates structure for convenient storage of Time, Open, Low, High, Close and Volume values. For many years, traders have developed their MQL4...
SL+TP-OE PIP CALC INDY – v2 (Indicator) : Updates: 1. Order Type Discrimination 2. SL+TP and OE line price. 3. Enhanced user defined labels. Calculates pip distance between Order Execution price and SL & TP price Author: file45
observer (push) - behavioral design pattern : define a one-to-many dependency between objects so that when one object changes state, all its dependents are notified and updated automatically Author: DMITRII PECHERITSA
pivot line : tnx Author: aliae001
Strategy - Set And Forget (with Alerting system) - MT4 : This strategy is the well known set & forget with the ALERTING system. It is very useful on different trading scenarios. I urge you guys to always use trading tools that will make your live easier. So instead of watching the charts and the
Ehlers fisher transform of smoother RSI: Ehlers fisher transform of smoother RSI Author: Mladen Rakic
i-Regr: i-Regr is a MetaTrader 5 indicator. Regression Channel: Linear Regression Channel, Quadratic (Parabolic) Regression Channel, Cubic Regression Channel. Author: Vladimir Karputov
I-Regr Alert Notifier: A Notifier for I-Regr Indicator, It alerts when Price Breaks Up or Down I-Regr lines.N Author: Keep it Anonymous
Keltner channel : Keltner channel with standard averaging and averaged over the ATR indicator. Author: Andrei Novichkov
New article Timeseries in DoEasy library (part 47): Multi-period multi-symbol standard indicators has been published: In this article, I will start developing the methods of working with standard indicators, which will ultimately allow creating multi-symbol multi-period standard indicators based on
  Indicators: Money Manager Graphic Tool  (79   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
Money Manager Graphic Tool: Money Manager Graphic Tool shows Lot Size, Ratio, Risk and opens orders (Buy, Sell, Buy Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Stop, Sell Limit). Author: takycard
News EA Template Without DLL From 2 Sources: The functions included in this template use two news sources - and The template doesn’t use DLL. Author: Yurij Izyumov
  Experts: Instant Execution  (35   1 2 3 4)
Instant Execution: Instant execution button to close profit orders, close all orders, auto close by trailing parameter. Author: Gusti Risyadi Noor
Easy Canvas: The library and iCanvas class simplify writing programs using Canvas. Author: Nikolai Semko
Volatility ratio: Volatility ratio Author: Mladen Rakic
N trades per set Martingale: Will scale up after N consec losses and will reset after same amount of consec wins Author: Brian Rumbles
MACD Stochastic 2: iMACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, MACD) with adjustable timeframes and a Stochastic of the current timeframe. Author: Vladimir Karputov
New article Projects assist in creating profitable trading robots! Or at least, so it seems has been published: A big program starts with a small file, which then grows in size as you keep adding more functions and objects. Most robot developers utilize include files to handle this problem. However
EveningStar: The indicator shows the "Evening Star" pattern. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Check Margin : required margin and maximum volume calculator. Author: Mokara
EMA on RSI : Calculates a Exponential Moving Average based on RSI Data, instead of the regular Pricing data. Simple and and to the point. Author: TheCoder
StatementToGraph: Graphic displaying of the statement, carring of a data from the *.htm table to the graph, for the convenience of analysis. Author: Денис Орлов
s-Downloader (SingleTF, AllSymbols): The script downloads the historical quotes data of a single timeframe for all symbols in the market watch. Author: amrali 
Memento - behavioral design pattern : without violating encapsulation, capture and externalize an object's internal state so that the object can be restored to this state later Author: DMITRII PECHERITSA
CheckHistory - Check and load history function: Slightly modified history load function from MetaQuotes Author: Andrey Khatimlianskii
The best TIMES & DAYS our Strategy Works the best (Improve your Strategy) - MT5 : For day traders. 2 highly important indicators to turn strategies into extreme winning ones. The Win/Loss ratio and the Reward/Risk ratio will allow us to identify the best times and days our strategy works the best
OC Momentum: Simple oscillator with a histogram. Author: JAN OPOCENSKY