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_MAvsMA_ema: EA Crossing of 2 MA Author: Marek
Close symbol with profit or loss: Easy EA for closing positions of the symbol with profit or loss. Author: Tadeusz Kiesner
  Experts: Renko Charts  (12   1 2)
Renko Charts: The Renko chart has been created by the Japanese Traders. The main feature of the Renko Charts is that it doesnt use the time and volume. Author: baramantan
Fractal dimension: This indicator do not shows trend direction, but it shows the market is in trend or in volatility...more explanation can be found in indicators source. Author: John Smith
New article LibMatrix: Library of Matrix Algebra (Part One) has been published: The author familiarizes the readers with a simple library of matrix algebra and provides descriptions and peculiarities of the main functions. Author: Evgeniy Logunov
ATR ratio: ATR ratio Indicator. Author: Collector
Market Report: Creates a report in HTML about all pairs and symbols, for example how many days ago a cross moving average appeard. Pairs with a last recent cross moving average at daily timeframe have a chance for a trend reversal which may be traded. Author: Thomas Quester
Authenticate into an MT4 account from MQL4 (tested in build 880): MQL4 library that allows authenticating into a MetaTrader 4 account programmatically in release 880+. Author: Sergey Lukin
Trades to CSV: Simple EA template to export trade details from a backtest or live trading to a CSV file. Author: Inovance
BBands Stop v1: Indicator BBands Stop v1 Author: John Smith
BearNaked Pattern1: Its a pattern tha I use in my tradings. Its based in CCI/MA and Bollinger. Author: Daniel Vieira Costa
TrailCD: The indicator shows convergence/divergence of the fast and slow trails. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Hangseng Trader: This EA works in hangseng futures. Author: Risdyanto Risdyanto
  Experts: Move Cross  (18   1 2)
Move Cross: Simply 450% profit Author: chris
ZigzagColor_Channel: The indicator plots the standard ZigZag by connecting the price peaks with bottoms during the period. It plots a channel by connecting the ZigZag peaks and ZigZag bottoms. The colors looks fine for black and white background. Author: Николай
New article Machine Learning: How Support Vector Machines can be used in Trading is published: Support Vector Machines have long been used in fields such as bioinformatics and applied mathematics to assess complex data sets and extract useful patterns that can be used to classify data. This article...
Volume Divergence Markers (VDM): Flat indicator showing potential entry points. This indicator places a marker on a chart, based on a divergence between trade volumes and bar sizes, i.e., if bar size has been decreasing/increasing for N continuous bars and volume has been doing the opposite, a...
AltrTrend_Signal_v2_2: A semaphore arrow indicator that shows trend change time based on the ADX indicator. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
New article Interaction between MеtaTrader 4 and MATLAB Engine (Virtual MATLAB Machine) has been published: The article contains considerations regarding creation of a DLL library - wrapper that will enable the interaction of MetaTrader 4 and the MATLAB mathematical desktop package. It describes...
Volatility Step Channel: This indicator shows Step Channel based on volatility. Author: fxborg
ATR Values: This indicator plots the values of the user specified ATR period for all timeframes as a text block. The text block corner can be changed by the user. Author: mohit marwaha
FiboStop: Expert Advisor that moves Stop Loss according to Fibonacci retracements or expansions. Author: dacontrader
TrendMagic: This is an optimized version of the TrendMagic indicator. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Close All Advanced: This script can close all your open positions in your MetaTrader 4, or you can select different similar positions. Author: George Alexander
Best MACD final: Classical MACD with Impulse System. Author: Vasily
  Experts: CSPA 1.43  (23   1 2 3)
CSPA 1.43: CSPA is a multi currency Expert Advisor, it uses the currency strengths to open trades on the best pairs. Author: Trevor Schuil
ATR 3 LWMA: This indicator shows 3 periods ATR LWMA. I made this indicator for identifying declining volatility. Author: fxborg
Close Orders: This is a tool for you to automatically close all orders when you have dozens of pending orders and open orders. Author: Robbie Ruan
Exp_ForecastOscilator: The Exp_ForecastOscilator Expert Advisor is based on signals generated by the ForecastOscilator semaphore signal indicator. A signal to trade is formed when a bar is closing if new colored indicator arrow has appeared. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Personal Assistant: Personal assistant is there to provide you with crucial information for making investment decisions and to execute your orders. Author: InfiniteLoop