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ATR adaptive SMA : ATR adaptive SMA (Simple Moving Average) Author: Mladen Rakic
VR---STEALS-2: The Expert Advisor manages positions using labels. Author: Vladimir Karputov
New article The checks a trading robot must pass before publication in the Market has been published: Before any product is published in the Market, it must undergo compulsory preliminary checks in order to ensure a uniform quality standard. This article considers the most frequent errors made by...
New article How to create Requirements Specification for ordering a trading robot has been published: Are you trading using your own strategy? If your system rules can be formally described as software algorithms, it is better to entrust trading to an automated Expert Advisor. A robot does not need...
  Experts: ZigZag EA  (30   1 2 3)
ZigZag EA: Expert Advisor based on ZigZag indicator. Working with pending Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders. Author: Vladimir Karputov
New article Graphics in DoEasy Library (part 74): Basic graphical element powered by the CCanvas class has been published: In this article, I will rework the concept of building graphical objects from the previous article and prepare the base class of all graphical objects of the library powered by
SimpleZZ: A simple ZigZag with an adjustable step. Author: Scriptor
  Experts: Open Two Pending Orders  (34   1 2 3 4)
Open Two Pending Orders: Automatic placing of Buy Stop pending order and Sell Stop pending order simultaneously, Stop Losses and Take Profits on the user specified levels. As soon as the long position (BUY) is opened as ASK price crosses the levels, the remaining pending order (SELLSTOP) is...
Simple EA using Bollinger, RSI and MA : Ea working well on EURUSD1 H1 with initial parameters, using a simple strategy based on Bollinger bands and RSI. Author: vsebastien3
  Experts: Forex Calculators  (17   1 2)
Forex Calculators: Margin Calculator, Point Value Calculator, Profit Calculator and Swap Calculator. Author: amrali
NeuroNirvamanEA 2: The trading system is based on a simple neural network. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Renko Chart from ticks (Most precise method): Renko chart generator using the tick values. Author: Binoy Raphael
Consensus_of_Five: Consensus of Five indicator Author: Scriptor
SpeedOscillator : This indicator is used to have a sense of and distinguish a product's statistical property: Moving Average Speed Author: Panteleimon Mar Andreadis
Power of GBP with average : Power of GBP indicator shows actual strength of currency GBP calculated of 7 pairs that contain GBP. Indicator can be used for strategies based on mean reversion and/or correlation. Included pairs: EUR GBP, GBP USD, GBP JPY, GBP AUD, GBP CAD, GBP NZD, GBP CHF. Author: JAN
New article Gradient Boosting (CatBoost) in the development of trading systems. A naive approach has been published: In this article, we train the CatBoost classifier in Python and export the model to mql5, as well as parse the model parameters and consider a custom strategy tester. The Python
Fractal : This indicator is used for indentifying pivots of different degrees. Author: Hosein Rahnama
Mass Index - Indicador para MT4 : Indicador Mass Index para Metatrader 4 con los niveles más importantes en donde se producen las señales de este indicador, de acuerdo a su autor. El MI es un indicador basado en la volatilidad del mercado. Author: Raul Canessa
Indicador Media móvil Hull para MT4 : Indicador de medias móviles Hull (HMA) para Metatrader 4 que cambia de color dependiendo de la tendencia. La HMA es una media móvil diseñada para seguir de cerca la acción del precio más reciente pero sin perder el efecto de suavizado. Puede resultar muy útil
EA Fibonacci Potential Entry - MT5 : The 8 effective steps to build a robust day trading plan using Fibonacci retracement Author: Rodi Chamii
Breakdown catcher: Working with pending Stop orders Author: Vladimir Karputov
Open two Market orders in opposite directions: This simple script opens two Market orders in two opposite directions. The essence of this is when trading news, price often breaks out in one direction. So ideally executing this script shortly before the news release would imply that if a...
New article Universal RSI indicator for working in two directions simultaneously has been published: When developing trading algorithms, we often encounter a problem: how to determine where a trend/flat begins and ends? In this article, we try to create a universal indicator, in which we try to...
Alligator trend cross : Candle cross either of three lines. Author: Mt4 and Mt5 Versions Available Here
Three Combo Indicator: It combines two emas, rsi and adx to give you buy or sell signals. Author: jay
New article Grokking market "memory" through differentiation and entropy analysis has been published: The scope of use of fractional differentiation is wide enough. For example, a differentiated series is usually input into machine learning algorithms. The problem is that it is...
Step VHF adaptive VMA: Step VHF adaptive VMA Author: Mladen Rakic
Swing Line: Ron Black's swing line indicator for MetaTrader 5 version. Author: Mladen Rakic
InverseReaction: This indicator is based on the idea of that an unusual impact in price changes will be adjusted by an inverse reaction... Author: Erdem Sen
Ichimoku Cloud: In many trading systems only the cloud of Ichimoku indicator can be used (Ichimoku Kinko Hyo). Therefore, there is a need to remove the rest of the indicator lines from a chart. In such a situation it is better to have the indicator without any extra lines. This indicator is...