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New article Custom Graphical Controls. Part 3. Forms is published: This is the last of the three articles devoted to graphical controls. It covers the creation of the main graphical interface component - the form - and its use in combination with other controls. In addition to the form classes,...
Daily Percent Change: This indicator uses the open price for the day, and computes the percent change for that day. Use on any chart TF up to and including D1. Author: Robert Rice
Unity Pro: Multi-asset cluster indicator taking all currencies as a sum of values forming a whole market, that is unity (1.0) Author: Stanislav Korotky
iCCI iRSI: A trading system based on two custom indicators: CCI Color Levels and RSI Custom Smoothing. Author: Vladimir Karputov
LifeHack Balance Equity: The indicator displays the balance and equity of the trade account. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Volume weighted awesome oscillator: Volume weighted awesome oscillator Author: Mladen Rakic
Sudoku: Classical Sudoku puzzle right in MetaTrader chart. Author: Stanislav Korotky
New article Parallel Calculations in MetaTrader 5 is published: Time has been a great value throughout the history of mankind, and we strive not to waste it unnecessarily. This article will tell you how to accelerate the work of your Expert Advisor if your computer has a multi-core processor....
New article Parsing HTML with curl has been published: The article provides the description of a simple HTML code parsing library using third-party components. In particular, it covers the possibilities of accessing data which cannot be retrieved using GET and POST requests. We will select a website
  Scripts: Stat (2)
Stat: The script displays the brief statistics for trading on the instrument over the specified period - the number of deals, profit, profit factor. Author: Aliaksandr Yemialyanau
Currency Loader: The EA unloads historical data in the *.csv format for several timeframes of the symbol it is attached to. Author: Kenzo
PSAR trader v2: Trades using parabolic SAR signals Author: Tonny Obare
iTrend: iTrend indicator for MetaTrader 5 Author: Mladen Rakic
Precision trend (histo): Precision trend (histo). Author: Mladen Rakic
Quick ZigZag plus DiNapoli: The "Fast ZigZag" indicator including the drawing of DiNapoli's target levels Author: Victor
Wave period oscillator: Wave period oscillator Author: Mladen Rakic
Export trade history to CSV v2: This script will export the trade history from MT5 selected between two dates. The resulting file is CSV that can be opened/imported with any spreadsheet software. Current version 1.0 does not add the takeprofit and stoploss. Any advice to improve this is welcomed....
ColorParabolic_Alert: The ColorParabolic semaphore signal indicator featuring alerts, sending emails and push notifications. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
VR Calculate Martingale Lite: Indicator calculate the average price Author: Vladimir Pastushak
Candles, arbitrary seconds: This is an indicator that generates simulated data for any period - but in seconds Author: Automated-Trading
New article Custom Strategy Tester based on fast mathematical calculations has been published: The article describes the way to create a custom strategy tester and a custom analyzer of the optimization passes. After reading it, you will understand how the math calculations mode and the mechanism of...
Break-Even Master: The Expert Advisor that moves the stop loss to breakeven after reaching certain profit. Author: Il Anokhin
ClockAnalog: 24-hour analog GMT(UTC) market clock displaying in background. The clock displays the Greenwich Mean Time and shows the status of all main stock exchanges according to their schedule. Author: Andrey Aseykin
Simple harmonic oscillator: Simple harmonic oscillator Author: Mladen Rakic
New article Meta COT Project - New Horizons for CFTC Report Analysis in MetaTrader 4 has been published: The article is about the use of CFTC report data (Open Interest) in MetaTrader. The article describes the proposed META COT project in details, shows how to load and process the necessary...
New article Library for easy and quick development of MetaTrader programs (part XIII): Account object events has been published: The article considers working with account events for tracking important changes in account properties affecting the automated trading. We have already...
Vortex Oscillator: This version of the Vortex indicator shows the difference between the VI+ and VI- lines as a histogram oscillating around the zero line. Author: Vladimir Karputov
NELODI Trend Waves for MT5: Monster Trend indicator that uses data from up to time periods. Author: NELODI
Schaff Trend Cycle: Indicator Schaff Trend Cycle. Author: John Smith
New article Building interactive semi-automatic drag-and-drop Expert Advisor based on predefined risk and R/R ratio is published: Some traders execute all their trades automatically, and some mix automatic and manual trades based on the output of several indicators. Being a member of the latter...