Discussion of article "Automated grid trading using limit orders on Moscow Exchange (MOEX)"


New article Automated grid trading using limit orders on Moscow Exchange (MOEX) has been published:

The article considers the development of an MQL5 Expert Advisor (EA) for MetaTrader 5 aimed at working on MOEX. The EA is to follow a grid strategy while trading on MOEX using MetaTrader 5 terminal. The EA involves closing positions by stop loss and take profit, as well as removing pending orders in case of certain market conditions.

If stop loss and take profit have other values than zero, their levels will also be displayed in the trading terminal in addition to active buy and sell limit orders:

Fig. 4.2. Using the grid EA on VTBR-6.22 with non-zero stop loss and take profit values

As a result, we have a grid of limit orders, which are re-set during activations inside the minimum and maximum price range.

Till the traded symbol price is located inside the price range, the grid EA accumulates profit on the trading account. Even if we consider an obvious drawback of this type of grid trading, namely a strong movement without rollbacks in any direction instead of the expected price movement in a range, I can say the following:

  • First, such movements are not "frequent",
  • Second, by the time the price leaves the correctly selected range and the number of orders, there will already be enough profit on the account to compensate for the current loss,
  • Third, till the price fluctuates (moves) between the maximum and minimum values of the price range making both buy and sell deals, the trading account is in profit.

Author: Roman Shiredchenko

What happens in a trending scenario? Grids work well for ranges or pairs that has frequent retracement.