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Macd Support and Resistance: MACD on the chart. Author: Gatis
Dserg - LinRegression Breakout: The indicator for automatic drawing of consolidation areas and channels based on the linear regression Fig.1 Dserg - LinRegression Breakout Author: Nikolay Kositsin
BitMEX Trading API Header files: BitMEX Trading API Header files and example codes to trade on BitMEX exchange. Author: Romeu Bertho
New article Library for easy and quick development of MetaTrader programs (part II). Collection of historical orders and deals has been published: In the first part, we started creating a large cross-platform library simplifying the development of programs for MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4 platforms...
New article Limitations and Verifications in Expert Advisors is published: Is it allowed to trade this symbol on Monday? Is there enough money to open position? How big is the loss if Stop Loss triggers? How to limit the number of pending orders? Was the trade operation executed at the current bar...
Dynamic Stop Loss: Dynamic Stop-Loss is a tool for traders who trade without a stop-loss. It gives the traders a trick to trade as if there is no stop-loss but actually using one. Author: Joel Protusada
New article Deep Neural Networks (Part VIII). Increasing the classification quality of bagging ensembles has been published: The article considers three methods which can be used to increase the classification quality of bagging ensembles, and their efficiency is estimated. The effects of...
ZigZag Indicator with Extra Features: Taking a Closer Look at the Workings of the ZigZag Indicator. Author: Fernando Carreiro
Jurik Filter: This is an improved Jurik Filter with the option to be applied to any indicator not only to prices. Author: Jane Johnson
Correlation: The indicator calculates the correlation of the currency pairs. Author: John Smith
Basket Viewer-View Statistics on groups of Long and Short Pairs: This utility allows monitoring of multiple symbols and positions on one chart, with one group for long (buy) symbols, and another group for short (sell) symbols. Author: LukeB
Market Open-Close Hours Indicator: Displays a line when the markets are opened. Author: Edwin Artunduaga
Price in polar coordinate system: Just for experiment and to demonstrate the possibilities of Canvas. The price is drawn in the polar coordinate system by winding circles. Author: Nikolai Semko
New article Using limit orders instead of Take Profit without changing the EA's original code has been published: Using limit orders instead of conventional take profits has long been a topic of discussions on the forum. What is the advantage of this approach and how can it be implemented in your...
Level Sensor: The indicator which draws a structure of the market. Author: John Smith
Pivots MT4: Simple pivot indicator Author: Keith Watford
Testinator for testing massive combinations of trade setups: Welcome to the Binary Testinator. The Purpose of this EA is for testing different Indicators to optimize a trade scenario.Everyone has an opinion on what is the best trade setup, and advice is never ending! Better if you test it out
Seasonal: The indicator is for seasonal trade. Author: Boeing737
New article Library for easy and quick development of MetaTrader programs (part XXIII): Base trading class - verification of valid parameters has been published: In the article, we continue the development of the trading class by implementing the control over incorrect trading order parameter values
Price Time Correlation Trading Model: A Price Time correlation model is used for Trend and Reversal trading Author: raposter
Awesome Oscillator Trader: The Awesome Oscillator indicator is used for trade entry and exit Author: raposter
Averages MTF: A version that adds some averages not supported by built in standard types to the collection of averages in one single file. Author: Mladen Rakic
SSL: A simple trend indicator of the NRTR type that uses the breakout of a channel drawn based on the Moving Averages of the High and Low price series. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Cross: Simple code for Candle Cross above or below Conditions.. Author: Abubakar Saidu
Yaanna: Yaanna is the simplest indicator of the overbought/oversold states. Yaanna is a confirmatory indicator that must be used for a main signal check. We should sell or close long positions when the indicator value is above 100.We should buy or close short positions when the indicator value is...
Simple ZZ Consolidation Zones: More experiments with the Simple ZigZag indicator. A small upgrade allows the indicator to find and mark the price consolidation areas with colored rectangles. Author: Oleg Shenker
Trading the trend - histogram: Trading the trend - histogram Author: Mladen Rakic
BB stops 2 - MACD: BB stops of MACD with multiple stops Author: Mladen Rakic
Waddah Attar Scalping: Waddah Attar Scalping indicator Shows you quick Trend. Author: waddah attar
AscTrend Expert Advisor: Trading strategy based on ASCTrend indicator as main signal,filtered by NRTR indicator and/or by TrendStrength indicator. Author: Alain Verleyen