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Trading Systems: Universal Expert Advisor Template

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2007.08.22 11:34 

New article Universal Expert Advisor Template has been published:

The article will help newbies in trading to create flexibly adjustable Expert Advisors.

Many traders face the problem of writing their own Expert Advisors. What comes first? How to set in an EA code take-profit, stop-loss or trailing-stop? How to check the functionality of a strategy? In this article we will dwell on the main functions for creating Expert Advisors. Perhaps someone will find the trailing code useful.

Author: Вадим Андреевич

Aimak 2011.07.08 08:19  

Hello. I find this template very interesting but it returns a order send error that I do not find why. Could you check where the error is? Thank you.


Mizan Sharif
Mizan Sharif 2014.06.20 02:31  

Excellent Template. Not easily found. Expecting some functions for buy/sell conditions.
Lack of Magic number.

Some comments are in a unknown language do not make any sense to me (greek to me):
1. âîçâðàùàåò ñèãíàë íà ïîêóïêó èëè ïðîäàæó   

2. âîçâðàùàåò ñèãíàë ïîêóïêè(1) èëè ïðîäàæè (2)    

3. Âîçâðàò ñ óñëîâèåì ïðîäàæè

4. Âîçâðàò ñ óñëîâèåì ïîêóïêè 

 Mizan Sharif 

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