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RUBBERBANDS EA: This EA works in any timeframe for any currency pair, including gold & silver. Author: StJojo
  Indicators: LeManSignal (17   1 2)
LeManSignal: The indicator shows trade signals. Author: LeMan
Elite eFibo Trader 2.6: This version of eFibo trader includes additional trend detection signals based on simple indicators (RSI and MA). Once the trend is detected, eFibo will enter orders based on a Fibonacci sequence (available as parameters). Author: eesfx
Ind_VilkaFractals_v1.1.mq4: Индикатор по стратегии "Вилка Чувашова". Author: Алексей
Multi Time Frame Moving Average of RSI: Indicator works with "ModeMA=0" - SMA and "ModeMA=1" - EMA. Author: Rafael
Simple daily range script : Script for calculation average daily range for last agoYear-"calendar" years, last agoMonth - calendar months, ...... Author: Rafael
Pinball machine: Pinball machine Author: IURII TOKMAN
MACD_Signals: Signal indicator based on MACD Author: Андрей
wajdyss_MA_expert_v3: this EA Depends on Moving Average Indicator Author: Wajdi MURAD
  Experts: SuperForex V2 (11   1 2)
SuperForex V2: Working with RSI on Daily chart. Has StopLoss, TakeProffit and trailing stop. Author: Rafael Maia de Amorim
wajdyss_RSI_O_L_H_C_Indicator_V2: This indicator To show the numerical values of RSI (Open , Close , High , Low) Author: Wajdi MURAD
exp_Amstell-SL: exp_Amstell-SL Author: IURII TOKMAN
Pretty T3: Colorfull T3 MA Author: LastViking
RSI_Strike(AM)_SW / Stoch_Strike(AM)_SW: MACD (настройки по умолчанию - АО Вильямса) с сигналами импульса от пересечений разнопериодных RSI / направления Стохастика. Author: Andrey
jMasterRSX v1 by jirimac: Based on RSX multiple timeframes for EURUSD Author: jirimac
Heiken Ashi Real: Heiken Ashi Real Author: IURII TOKMAN
RSI_Strike(AM): Отображение точек пересечения RSI различных периодов. Author: Andrey
ATFX Breakout Robot V.1: ATFX Breakout Robot is an Expert Advisor based on a new trading approach such as a new generation long term trading strategy that uses mainly Price Action (PA) plus other custom techniques to detect entry and exit targets. An important future of this pro Author: atfx01
NDA_e: The indicator of the visual and sound control of speed and size coming tick. Author: IURII TOKMAN
ytg_Zodiac_V0: The astrological indicator. Marks of the zodiac. The current mark. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Order Management for EA development - Beta 1: this is ordersend management expert advisor script. Author: ardiansyah
A reversal indicator Priliv.mq4: It shows the speed of the trend on the current, closest larger and the next TF. Author: Сергей Ковалев
Edited RVI indicator: Lighty edited RVI Indicator.If drawing bug please recompile(Make normal drawing). Currently version SRVI@1 and SRVI@2. Author: Pavol
easy trend visualizer: easily shows trend or range Author: kur
  Indicators: Candles_01 (11   1 2)
Candles_01: Для анализа японских свечей Author: Vt
Spectr: Spectr Author: IURII TOKMAN
exp_Amstell: exp_Amstell Author: IURII TOKMAN
simple stop entry price indicator: shows entry price lines. this is based on "inside bar". Author: kur
ind_SupportEX: The indicator shows candles of the grown-ups TF. Author: IURII TOKMAN
S!mple EA: A simple multi currency trader EA based on SMA and LWMA. Author: mk77ch