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TSICloud_HTF: The TSICloud indicator with the timeframe selection option available in the input parameters. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
New article Alert and Comment for External Indicators has been published: In practical work a trader can face the following situation: it is necessary to get "alert" or a text message on a display (in a chart window) indicating about an appeared signal of an indicator. The article contains an...
The Cronex T Demarker GFC (Color) indicator: Modification of the DeMarker indicator with additional color indication based on the histogram Author: Sergey Kazachenko
MTF_4TF_Supertrend_BarM: Indicator MTF_4TF_Supertrend_BarM. Works together with SuperTrend and uses signals CCI. Author: John Smith
EURX Euro Currency Index: EURX=34.38805726 x [(EURUSD x 0.3155) + (EURGBP x 0.3056) + (EURJPY x 0.1891) + (EURCHF x 0.1113) + (EURSEK x 0.0785)] Author: levonisyas
New article Random Forests Predict Trends has been published: This article considers using the Rattle package for automatic search of patterns for predicting long and short positions of currency pairs on Forex. This article can be useful both for novice and experienced traders. The initial aim of...
DWMChannels: Shows simple channels for daily, weekly, monthly timeframes. Author: Xuefei Xiong
Session Open V-Line Indi: Draws a Vertical Line at Session Open - Eurozone/London - USA - Asia. Author: file45
New article AutoElliottWaveMaker - MetaTrader 5 Tool for Semi-Automatic Analysis of Elliott Waves is published: The article provides a review of AutoElliottWaveMaker - the first development for Elliott Wave analysis in MetaTrader 5 that represents a combination of manual and automatic wave...
GG-TimeBox: Timeframe indicator. Customizable timeboxes on any chart. Author: Gordon Gekko
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HAN: The Heiken Ashi Naive Expert Advisor is based on the Heiken Ashi candle chart system and uses the standard indicator of the same name. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
Fuzzy logic: An expert advisor that makes a decision on the basis of the indistinc logic (so-called Fuzzy logic). The A. Nedosekins ( materials were used during the development of the classificator and the resultant for ranks. Author: Алексей
exp_iCustom_v1: Universal Expert Advisor for working with any Custom indicator, that draws buy/sell arrows. Author: Dmitry Fedoseev
Forex Fraus (for M1) Multi-currency: This EA is based on Forex Fraus (for M1) which was made by Dmitriy Zaytsev. I added limitation of positions, multi-currency trading. Author: Sanada Kei
Well Martin: Well Martin EA is based on two indicators: Bollinger Bands and ADX. It is designed for use on a tranquil market. Author: Andrew Kornishkin
I just wanted to know if as seller on do we receive a 1099 for our sales?
QEMA percentage: QEMA is the Quadruple Exponential Moving Average. With this small change you can modify the percentage of the quadruple correction respect to the normal EMA. Author: fajuzi
JFATL: The indicator is a combination of the FATL digital filter and analogue JMA adaptive smoothing. Additional JMA smoothing is used to prevent the indicator activation at each occasional market move. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
New article Regular expressions for traders has been published: A regular expression is a special language for handling texts by applying a specified rule, also called a regex or regexp for short. In this article, we are going to show how to handle a trade report with the RegularExpressions library...
Source Code Version #3: Help me making this better. Author: programmer
New article Practical Application of Cluster Indicators in FOREX has been published: Cluster indicators are sets of indicators that divide currency pairs into separate currencies. Indicators allow to trace the relative currency fluctuation, determine the potential of forming new currency trends,...
Grid: Alternative grid Author: Prival
Errors function. In Russian.: Errors function. In Russian. Author: Iurii Tokman
Doda-Stochastic Indicator: Variant of stochastic indicator, which filters false signals automatically. Author: gopal krishan doda
ATR MA Oscillator: ATR MA Oscillator - Oscillator is based on the difference between the ATR oscillator and its signal line. Author: Vasiliy Smirnov
AIS1 Standard Indicator: Indicator Author: Airat Safin
"Tic Tac Toe" chart: The script plots a "Tic Tac Toe" chart in the form of Japanese candlesticks. Author: GoldenFox
Tick emulation for accelerated testing of indicators ver.2.2: Expansion and improvement of the script ver.2 and an example of accelerated processing of an indicator for use in conjunction with the script Author: Evgeniy Gutorov
ds_Ticks - Ticks on the price chart: Simply displays ticks on the price chart Author: Сергей
BW-Zone: Visualizer indicator (what a terrible phrase to use!). Colors the chart bars according to the logic of determining the state of the fourth dimension of the Chaos Theory by B. Williams - Zone. Author: