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The Cronex T Demarker GF indicator: Variation of the DeMarker indicator Author: Sergey Kazachenko
4hVegas_Chart: The indicator is similar to 4Hour Vegas Model. Author: John Smith
MTF_Fractal: Another variation of the fractals. Author: John Smith
MTF PCCI-as a filter: Multi-timeframe PCCI indicator. Author: John Smith
7_Macd: Another variation of the Macd. I do not remember it had already been published. Author: John Smith
RSI prognoz: The indicator predicts (at least tries to) the RSI on a specified number of bars using the cluster analysis Author: Евгений
Example of plotting a function spectrum using the FFT library: Example of plotting a function spectrum using the FFT library Author: Andrew Shelkovenko
Opening Positions: Attempt to more or less fully automate the opening of Buy and Sell orders Author: Андрей
Doubler: Simple Expert Advisor that simultaneously opens two positions in different directions, provided that the stop loss of the losing position triggers 5 points earlier than the take profit of the profitable one. Author: Борис
Future___: It can be combined with any indicator to get an expert Author: Виталий
ChangeObjectsColor: The script allows to change the color of selected objects to specified one. Author: Andrew Shelkovenko
Tabela sygnałów (PL): This is a table of signals created based on the popular market indicators ... I think anyone can find it useful. Author: Piotr
MA with a price: MA with a price. Author: Дмитрий
Hans123_Trader: Good EA, good optimization results. The unfailing EUR/USD pair and H1 timeframe. Author: John Smith
Correlation USDCHF/EURUSD: The Correlation USDCHF/EURUSD indicator. Author: Collector
Euler - Euler number calculation: The script demonstrates a simple and quick way to calculate the Euler number. Author: Nazariy Stapyak
Open BUY v2: The script opens a BUY order for a specified part of the FreeMargin (second edition). Author: Андрей
Paragolic-close: Revised Parabolic. Author: Gatis
Monitor rynku v2: The indicator displays in a separate subwindow of the chart the current symbol, Bid/Ask prices, the current swap, the expected deposit for long/short position as well as the floating spread for the symbol and the remaining time until the candle completion of the current timeframe....
PivotCustomTime: Indicator PivotCustomTime. Author: Collector
AutoDayFibs: Indicator AutoDayFibs. Author: Collector
ASCTrend1sig: ASCTrend1sig Author: Collector
T3 Bands: Indicator T3 Bands. Author: Collector
Oblomov: The title contains the idea based on observations of the market regularities. It has been written for the CHF/USD pair. Author: avals8
EA Kloss: The EA is based on Stochastic as well as CCI. It uses the fact that a reversal happens when the limits are broken, for cci - 120 and -120, for stoch - 70 and 30. Buys when the lower levels are broken, sells when the upper levels are broken. Author: KLOPKA
Information on the symbols: The script outputs the information on symbols to a CSV file: swaps, spreads, stops, contracts. Author: Igor Kim
Spread Indicator: This Indicator shows the current pairs current spread in the upper left corner. Author: Daniel F
ROC2 VG: Plotting the ROC indicators of two custom types (including Momentum) and periods in one window. Author: Vladyslav Goshkov
Grouping account history: The script reads the list of deals from the account history, groups them by the sign specified in the parameters and outputs to a file. Author: Igor Kim
3_Otkat Sys v1.2: The 3_Otkat_Sys_v1.2 Expert Advisor. The system is configured for 5 hours (Moscow Time), does not trade on the nights of Monday and Friday. Author: John Smith