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Cronex DeMarker: Trigger based on two MA by DeMarker. Author: Sergey Kazachenko
RPoint: This is a high-quality ZigZag based on HiLo. Author: John Smith
RFTL: Reference Fast Trend Line (RFTL) is a response of the FATL digital filter to the series of input prices with a delay equal to the Nyquist interval of 1/2F. Author: John Smith
RBCI2: The modified version of the RBCI indicator. Author: John Smith
PCCI: Perfect Commodity Channel Index. It has a certain similarity in the calculation method with the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) by D. Lambert. Author: John Smith
NeuroProba: This is an attempt to write a trend indicator based on the Kaufman's AMA. The Kaufman indicator available in the Code Base can be used as the "Kaufman2" custom indicator. Author: John Smith
NDuet: The indicator contains another entry signalizer. Author: John Smith
Michelangelo: One of the greatly smoothing trend indicators. Author: John Smith
MaksiGen_Range_Move: As I recall, this indicator had been written by OlegVS for МТ3, for determining the flat. If the price is inside the dotted channel - flat. And MaksiGen redesigned it for МТ4. Author: John Smith
MaksiGen_KaHaJI_CkaJIneP: This indicator shows when to open and when to close by drawing 2 lines. Author: John Smith
Camarilla Pivots: The "Camarilla Pivots" indicator. The ideal indicator for those who like to work "by levels". It clearly shows the reversal level, support/resistance levels for the current day. Author: John Smith
MIndex: The indicator calculates the indices of the USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD currencies and displays the index specified in the parameters in a separate window. Author: John Smith
Lines_buy и Lines_sell: The indicators that perform the chart ruling. Author: John Smith
Linear Regression Line: Linear regression is a mathematical method for determining the linear dependence between the variables. This technique is often used by analysts to identify the trend based on the time and price data. Author: John Smith
DynamicRS+Channel: The indicator of dynamic resistance/support level with a fixed channel. Author: rebus
LGP_Ivanoff_Maloma-Demark_levels: The indicator shows the price points of reference. Author: John Smith
JMA: The Jurik Moving Average indicator. JMA's improved timing and smoothness will astound you. Author: John Smith
Pivots_Hi_Low: The Hi/Low indicator shows how close the current value of the parameter is to the minimum and maximum values over a certain time interval. Author: John Smith
Juice: It is not recommended to open a position when the histogram is red. If all indicators give entry signals, the final check is done according to this indicator. The histogram must be green. Author: John Smith
HMA: Based on the use of a slightly modified Hull Moving Average (HMA). Author: John Smith
ZZ_Standard_Functions_TF_YR1_Lib: Set of standard functions for the YR1 timeframe. Author: Vadim Zhunko
ZZ_All Quotings 0-0070: The script is designed for downloading history on all known currency pairs, metals, indices, CFD and for controlling "holes" in history. Author: Vadim Zhunko
GentorCCIM: The indicator draws the slow and fast ССI and colors bars for determining patterns and trends. Author: John Smith
Guppy Mulitple Moving Average (Long): The indicator allows the trader to understand market relations. Author: John Smith
Price_vs_Alpha: The new version of the Mc_valute_v8_final EA. It works well on a flat market. Author: Danil
FTLM_STLM: Plotting principle - digital filtering. Author: John Smith
FATL: (Fast Adaptive Trend Line)– the «fast» adaptive trend line is calculated using a digital low-pass filter with a small cutoff period. Author: John Smith
Three scripts for working with horizontal levels: The Lines_Create script creates 2 horizontal lines on the chart with the names UP_LEVEL and DOWN_LEVEL. The Lines_Delete deletes the lines created by the Lines_Create script from the chart. The Lines_RASST script is an addition to the Lines_Create...
History_Draw: 2 scripts for the analysis of trading results. Useful both for investors and traders. Author: Владимир Тезис
Forex calculator: The calculator estimates the value of one point of a currency pair and the maximum stop loss for the user-defined lot. Author: Владимир Тезис