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I need to monitor slippage between signal provider and my account (let's say every 24h).

What is the easiest way that you see to do that?

Is there any way to uniquely identify a trade on the provider and match it with the (eventual) trade on my account?

I need the help of you that are experts!  :)

Thank you!

and Thank yoy MQL community: you're doing a great job!

Best regards
Kevin Cherry
Kevin Cherry  
I need a straight forward answer to my question: My broker offers trading signals in the terminal,There is a existing list of signal providers but,  I want to use a signal that is NOT in the generic list available in the terminal. I added my broker to find out if signal I want to use on mql5 was compatible and it was,  HOW do I connect the signal I WANT to my mt4 terminal?

Dear my friend

I use MT4 and received this message from your side:

Signal subscription cancelled: Subscription to "GNI FOREX" on 28.11.2016-28.12.2016 has been cancelled, signal disabled, payment of 20.00 USD refunded.( time :2016.12.02 16:51) "

but I haven't recieved any refund not only for this case but also for previous cancelling. could you please inform and lead me in this regards.

 another case:

"Signal subscription cancelled:Subscription to "New Stable Forex Profit" on 30.10.2016-30.11.2016 has been cancelled, signal disabled, payment of 20.00 USD refunded.(time: 2016.11.23 16:47) "


best 4u 

Is simply inadvertent clicking in the "copy trade" window would mean automatic charging of the account?  I cannot found "enable" window.  I am canceling that "copy trades"! Signal subscription cancelled!
صادق الخامري
صادق الخامري  
Jinsong Zhang:

many message come up after i subscribe a signal.


2012.10.10 11:31:42 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:31:35 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:31:25 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:31:09 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:31:02 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:30:49 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:30:42 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:30:32 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:30:22 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:30:09 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:29:59 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:29:47 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:29:32 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:29:22 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:29:12 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:28:59 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:28:55 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:28:29 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:28:19 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:28:09 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:27:59 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:27:49 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:27:42 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:27:29 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:27:19 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:27:09 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:26:59 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:26:49 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:26:39 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:26:29 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:26:19 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:26:09 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:26:02 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:25:49 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:25:40 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:25:22 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:25:09 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:24:59 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:24:49 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:24:39 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:24:32 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:24:19 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:24:09 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:23:59 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:23:49 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:23:46 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:23:27 Signal connecting to
2012.10.10 11:23:27 Signal money management mode: automatic, equity limit: 0.00 USD, deviation/slippage: 0.5 spreads
2012.10.10 11:23:27 Signal 'Herolds Bay' for 'song_song' subscription found, 2012.11.10 expiration, enabled
2012.10.10 11:23:21 Signal subscription enabled



Can I subscribe 1 singnal 3 times to use it in 3 different accounts ? 

Juvenille Emperor Limited


Can I subscribe 1 singnal 3 times to use it in 3 different accounts ? 

Yes, you need to subscribe seperately for each account.
Juvenille Emperor Limited

I am new in signal but i Have problem in my subscription 

my provider send signal like GBPJPY and my broker symbol is GBPJPYm

in my journal sad :

2017.04.25 11:17:24.901 '.........': Signal - position #................... buy 4.00 GBPJPY at 140.687 skipped as no symbol found

I have read https://www.mql5.com/en/forum/10773#q13

but symbol mapping does not work

Mapping for symbols with extensions like .m or .f usually works but in your case you have to speak with your broker.

Otherwise you have to use another broker or account (m usually stands for market).


This article for connecting to a signal and others on MQL are so badly explained, NOWHERE does it tell you you need to have your computer on all day 5 days a week to receive the signal. You have to look it up after you find you didnt get a trade that the signal did trade. I just missed 1 week of signals and didnt know why. Then if you dont want your computer on 5 days a week all day you can pay them more instead and use their server, great didnt know about that either until I already subscribed to a signal.

This is unethical, people should know all the requirements before they sign up, not get extra problems or expenses after they sign up!