When to martingale?

Tomas Michalek  

Hi, I have also tried martingale system, I used some values from 1 to 3 multiplier, I also tried to have bigger or smaller TP than SL.

I have run thousands of simulation and come to conclusion, that martingale doesn't work safely. 

If you have like 1000$, you don't have to worry about probable burnout, but try it when managing 100k$.

I had system, that could survive 20x loss. Well, in one simulation I had 23x loss :-D

It's a matter of time, when there will be such a loosing spree, which will burn account. Why risk it? 

Professional traders focus on low drawdown and stable profits

Chui Yu Lui  
Justin Lee:

Hey all, I am coming up with a new system for an EA that implements martingale. 

Tp is 5 pips

multiplier = 1.2

However, I am not sure when to apply the martingale. I do not wish to use the grid method! Thanks!

There are lots of methods to implement martingale. Briefly like:

1) Using manual provided pip steps

2) Using Dynamic pip steps

Both can on top to use indicators or other strategies to add orders.

Sergey Golubev  

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William Roeder  
Justin Lee: However, I am not sure when to apply the martingale. I do not wish to use the grid method! Thanks!


Muhammad Syamil Bin Abdullah: It can be profitable.

Hedging, grid trading, same as Martingale.
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Martingale, guaranteed to blow your account eventually. If it's not profitable without, it is definitely not profitable with.
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Why it won't work:
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